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Some scientists claim that our brains are wired now to “take in” so much information that we are driven to keep consuming more data, news, videos, and all the interesting things that our devices bring to our attention.

By Judy Bluhm June 16, 2019
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The ego feeds off our drama; therefore, it cooks up plenty of it. When we refuse to feed it, it weakens, and we free ourselves from the pain of conversations-gone-wrong.

By Marta Adelsman, Psy.D. June 14, 2019
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The other day, the wispy clouds and the bit of moisture in the air combined to produce a rare sight: a sun halo.

By Melissa Bowersock June 13, 2019
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When I took off this morning the smoke was pretty intense, so I pointed the nose up and to the north.

By Ted Grussing June 12, 2019
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COTTONWOOD – With two years under his belt at Mingus Union High School, freshman physical education teacher Dave Moncibaez can thank his father for his career choice.

By Bill Helm June 11, 2019
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Yikes, now we have birds getting their hair dyed to improve their looks. Suddenly, even the wimpiest of male birds became chick magnets with increased testosterone levels! The biology professors who conducted the research claim that when birds feel more attractive and “sexy” to chicks (oops, I mean female birds) it triggers a series of “body chemistry changes.”

By Judy Bluhm June 8, 2019
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“My family has been in education for many generations,” said Miller, who teaches second- and third-grade students at Camp Verde’s United Christian School.

By Bill Helm June 4, 2019
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First, a turkey update since the black hawk just interrupted my blogging by trying to take a baby turkey. Tom's girls laid about three dozen eggs and settled down to brood at the beginning of May. It was bad from the beginning.

By Denise Domning June 4, 2019
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There are few things that can bring a smile to my face more than watching the squirrels in our neighborhood as they bounce their way across the grass … I caught this one in midflight as the back feet have just left the ground and the front are reaching for the next landing spot.

By Ted Grussing June 4, 2019
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It was an exciting encounter and lasted a total of two or three seconds.

By Ted Grussing June 3, 2019
Native American Week
October 13, 2016