Thu, May 23

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The tax deduction that keeps on giving


Anyone who pays any Arizona income tax has an option of contributing up to $500 to provide tuition assistance for private school students.

This is a tax credit, meaning the cost to the donor is zero. There are several reasons why people should consider this option:

o It keeps some of your tax dollars working locally and with the multiplier effect it generates considerable additional business activity in our area.

o It benefits students attending a private school by offsetting some of their tuition. Otherwise, some couldn't afford this option.

o It is used primarily to pay staff salaries, which are exceptionally low, with our teacher base salary being $15,500.

o It provides a quality alternative for students.

o It helps improve other schools by providing competition to encourage excellence to draw more students for more funding.

Any contribution to be deductible in 2000 must be made by Dec. 31.

Call the school office for more information at 634-8113.

Gerald W. Anderson

Board Chairman

Verde Valley Christian School

Caring souls abound in Verde Valley


This open message is directed to the State of Arizona but in particular to the Arizona Health Care cost Containment System.

When I needed it most, you gave me a helping hand for my medical treatment and I do not have sufficient words to express my thanks to you except in this simple open message of gratitude and love.

You have made me feel welcome and at home though I came to you as a sick stranger. There is very little I can add except to thank you again with special thanks to the following:

o The emergency room at the hospital in Cottonwood.

o Dr. Dave Shillington, who watched by my bedside in the early hours more than once until he believed we had the bacteria under control that was infecting me; and, of course, Dr. Brenda Howland who substituted during the weekend for Dr. Shillington.

o Cardiologist Dr. Nitin Patel

o Of course, special thanks to the wonderful Dr. H. Sigh who made many trips from Flagstaff to ensure my recovery personally and made every effort to save my transplant kidney, which is beginning to work again, slowly, but it’s a start.

I cannot describe the emotions in me but I hope to get well and strong again and perhaps I can do something for this beloved State of Arizona.

Omar K. Miqdadi


Ask congressmen to support Rohrabacher Resolution


The Chinese communist government appears to be building up a massive encirclement of the United States.

Presently, the Chinese are planning a huge shipping hub and airport in the Bahamas that could pose a major threat to U.S. security as well as the security of the entire Western Hemisphere.

The Chinese are not only in the Bahamas. They're in the Spratley Islands off the Philippines. Fortunately, their attempts to get a port in Long Beach, Calif., were not successful.

Besides expanding port and air facilities throughout the world, the Chinese are expanding their fleet of submarines armed with nuclear intercontinental ballistic missiles and aircraft carriers.

The Red Chinese, who control the seaports on both the Atlantic and Pacific sides of the Panama Canal, need to be ousted. Their control prohibits the U.S. Navy, in time of war, from rapidly transferring vessels between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. Panamanian leaders are open to negotiating an agreement for America to restore a strong military presence near the Canal. To support a U.S. military presence in Panama, write your congressman and ask him to support the Rohrabacher Resolution, which demands a return of our troops and the ouster of Red China from the ports on the Canal's Atlantic and Pacific sides.

Arden Druce

Camp Verde

Without your help, there would be no election


The County Recorder, the Elections Department and Voter Registration would like to take this opportunity to express our appreciation to every one who helped us during the primary and general elections this year.

Without the willingness of these folks to help, our job would be very hard.

Special thanks to all 92 of the facilities across the county that opened their doors to their community as polling places. A very special thanks to all who served as poll workers. They are a very dedicated group of people who put in a very long day at the polls; they also attend a training class for each election, which takes two to three hours of their time.

Our poll inspectors give us even more of their time by getting people to serve as their workers, making sure the poll workers show up at class, taking care of those last-minute emergencies.

Our poll workers listen to your concerns, make sure you have the correct ballot and uphold our state laws at the polls; all this, while putting in a 15-hour day. They deserve a big "thank you."

At each of the last two elections we had approximately 600 poll workers. We also want to express our appreciation to the VIP's, a volunteer group from the sheriff's office, who help the night of the election to pick up our voted ballots and accu-votes. Sometimes they even help direct traffic for large polling places.

We also have approximately 60 to 70 workers on special boards to process early ballots, ballots to be verified, write-in votes, receive all of the voted ballots and accu-votes elections night. We have "trouble shooters" who travel around designated precincts elections day to help answer questions or solve problems for our poll workers and voters and also bring in the voted ballots and accu-votes.

Another "big thank you" to the newspapers of our county who each election provide information to the voters of the location of their polling places and information regarding the candidates and ballot issues.

Last, but not least, a very big "Thank You" to our dedicated staff who put in many, many hours, with concern and efforts to do the job right for us and the citizens of Yavapai County. Thanks to all.

Patsy Jenney-Colón

Yavapai County Recorder