Thu, May 23

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Voters send message to Paul Street


In not returning County Education Superintendent Paul Street's Cottonwood-Oak Creek School District Board appointee, Marilyn Sward, and Mingus Union High School District Board appointee, Bud Deal, to their respective boards, upper Verde Valley voters have let the county superintendent know they don't care for the manner in which he aligned himself with one particular group and its education agenda.

His attempt to "stack" these boards, as well as the two "stackees" themselves, were not acceptable to the majority of voter-citizens.

Superintendent Street should carefully remember that he is elected by us to impartially serve education's needs in this county.

Democracy rules.

Phil Cumpston


This is a soccer program with real class


I would like to congratulate the Camp Verde Girls Soccer Team for winning the state championship.

As a player and coach, it has been a pleasure to see a team that is full of great players and great coaches that come from the Verde Valley. Mike Reamer, Javier Pineda and Loretta Grondin are all top-notch coaches. All three coaches have a great history in soccer and it shows with the respect that the players have for them.

Mike Reamer’s whole family is involved in soccer. Mike is a coach and referee, his son Mike played on the Camp Verde state championship boys team and at Scottsdale Community College, and his wife coaches as well as being a player herself.

Javier, who was a member of the Camp Verde boys state championship team, has played soccer all his life and now uses his knowledge of the game to coach other players.

Loretta is a member of a soccer family that includes her husband David and her four children. Loretta has spent many hours coaching her children and others on AYSO, school teams, and club teams. David is also a coach, referee and player. Loretta’s son Jared has played for Scottsdale Community College and Redlands University. Loretta’s other children — Mika, Eli, and Brianna — are all superb players who have played soccer for many years as well.

The Camp Verde soccer program is the best in the state with the coaching team of Loretta, Mike, Javier and boys coach Nando Lucero. Not one of these coaches has a child playing on a Camp Verde team, but this does not stop the caring and dedication they give to the game.

I have been coached by the Grondins, the Reamers, the Luceros, and I have played with Javier and I can honestly say they are the reason that the greatest game in the world is doing so well in the Verde Valley. I hope that upcoming coaches in the game can love the game and touch the players’ hearts the same way these coaches have. Mike, Javier, the girls that play soccer for Camp Verde, and Loretta – thank you and congratulations.

Donnie Shanks

Gang Green Soccer Team