Mon, June 24

Medical condition may be a factor in 2-vehicle collision

Staff photo by Angela DeWelles

Cottonwood police and paramedics work the scene of a collision involving a sedan and a pickup truck Friday afternoon on Arizona 89A, near Bank One and Verde Valley Ford. However, apparently neither driver suffered life-threatening injuries.

The two vehicles involved in the accident at approximately 3:23 p.m. were a white 1997 Pontiac sedan, driven by Linda Kay Hancox, 60, of Cottonwood, and a 1982 brown Ford pickup, driven by Edward F. Muldowney, 53, of West Sedona.

Hancox reportedly was treated at Verde Valley Medical Center, after complaining of bruising from the seatbelt, and bruising on her back, her left side, and her right forearm. She also reportedly was treated for diabetes. She subsequently was released.

Muldowney reportedly complained of pain in his forehead area but refused to be treated at the scene.

According to a report by Officer J. Makuch, the sedan was traveling west on Arizona 89A and reportedly drifted left through the turn lane, colliding with the pickup, which was traveling east on 89A.

Hancox reportedly told the police officer she remembered exiting the Osco Drug parking lot onto Arizona 260, saying, "I started to feel funny and remember moving into the turn lane."

When the officer asked Hancox if she knew where the collision occurred, she reportedly told him on Arizona 260, near 89A. When the officer told her the actual location, she allegedly said, "I made it that far?"

Hancox reportedly told the officer that she has diabetes.

Muldowney reportedly told the officer that the sedan came into his lane without signaling and ran into him.

Five witnesses provided the police officer with their observations.

A man, whose vehicle was behind the pickup, said he saw the sedan drifting across the turn lane and colliding with the pickup.

A man, whose vehicle was in front of the pickup, said he saw the sedan making a gradual left turn.

A woman, on the sidewalk south of the roadway, said she saw the sedan attempting to make a left turn into the parking lot when it collided with the pickup.

Another woman said she saw the pickup stopped to allow a vehicle to exit the parking lot south of 89A. However, she said that vehicle did not exit the parking lot and, as the pickup began to proceed, the sedan turned in front of the pickup and they collided.

Two other witnesses told the police officer they had seen the sedan just prior to the collision.

One man said he saw the sedan stopped at the intersection of Cottonwood Street and 89A. He said the sedan had a green light but did not move.

The sedan's driver appeared to wake up, he said, crossed the intersection west on 89A. The sedan then drifted into the center lane, then into the eastbound lane of traffic, where the collision occurred, he added.

Another man said he had been behind the sedan when it was stopped at Cottonwood Street and 89A. He said the traffic light cycled twice, and then on the third green light, he got out of his vehicle to check on the sedan's driver.

He said when he got near the sedan driver's door, the sedan took off through the intersection on a yellow light, and he returned to his vehicle.

That man said when the light turned green again, he turned west on 89A and saw that the sedan had been involved in the collision.