Wed, June 19

Library Endowment hires fund raiser

Staff photo by Carol Keefer

Tina Moore (right), Cliff Castle Casino marketing services' advisor, congratulates Theresa Hawkins (left) of Lake Montezuma on her new position. In the back are Library Director Gerry Laurito and Library Endowment President Dorothy Wood.

Although the foundation is not currently promoting raising money for a new library, the Library Commission has been discussing the idea for two to three years.

Wood said the endowment group has a two-year commitment to pay Hawkins' $13,000 fee from donations made by the Cliff Castle Casino.

"The library is an epitome of any community. As long as I've been associated with the casino, they've tried to support the community they're involved with. The library obviously is a huge part of any youngster's life and they try to do a lot for youth," says casino official Tina Moore.

Moore, who has been with the casino for five and half years, acts as its liaison on non-gaming and marketing aspects.

The casino has also helped the endowment group in other aspects in the past such as donating space and food-at-cost for its annual fund-raiser, the Denin and Lace Dinner and Auction.

Wood said they recently advertised to fill the position by advertising in the newspaper. She said they liked Hawkins' background in fund raising, her enthusiasm and ideas. She will be responsible to seek donations and grants. The endowment group and Hawkins agreed to a three-month probation to make sure it is a good fit for both parties.

The endowment group has 11 members with four sitting on its board of directors, Wood said. They currently have $26,000 in its endowment account.