Mon, June 24

<CENTER><B>Letters to the Editor</b></center>

Why is it so hard to get library card?


I have never before complained to a newspaper, but something took place at the Camp Verde Library that needs some attention.

My husband and I went to the library recently to get a book to read. It was the first time, so I asked for a card. I was asked if I had any identification. I showed the lady at the desk my driver's license, my voter registration card and my checkbook, which had my address on it.

It wasn’t enough.

I could have moved and they probably weren’t current. I explained that we had lived in Camp Verde almost six years. A gentleman came out from another room and said he was in charge.

He asked if I had an APS bill that would verify where I lived and if I was telling the truth. I had one at home, but was I going home to get it? Forget it. Give me a break.

Do I look like a criminal? I’m in my 80s and I just wanted to get a couple of books to do some reading this summer.

I don’t know what the policies of the library are, but they sure need to be changed when a little old lady couldn’t get a card so she could do some reading. I don’t think they even care.

Arlene Riffle

Camp Verde

Friends came through in difficult time


Recently I had news that brought a new meaning to the word devastation.

Fortunately, I live in Pine Shadows where I am surrounded with so many wonderful friends.

Before the tears were dry after being forced to sell a house I loved due to an unexpected divorce, I had friends helping me redecorate the inside of a house I purchased. People were cleaning, texturing walls, doing electrical, carpentry, installing toilets, sinks, painting and my son came from California to tile the floors and counter tops. It was amazing.

These people, Kevin, my don from California, and his wife Tracy, Joe, who just took over and made it happen, Jack, Jeanie, Al, Sherri Grace, Dick, Gloria, Ed, Julie, Arnie and of course my pal Sally. How can I ever thank you?

Your love and friendship has pulled me through a very difficult time in my life.

My son Jeff, who is handicapped, got down on his knees and painted and sanded cabinets. His wife Lisa my carpenter and friend.

Without all of you I could have never have done it.

Thanks and I love you all.

If I have forgotten someone I apologize.

Pat Brown