Thu, May 23

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Christians are not gullible, ignorant or stupid


Enough already, Mr. Brookes. I, as a conservative Christian, am tired of being called gullible by people who don't even know anything about me.

Just because I, and others who believe as I do, don't agree with your opinion and didn't choose to vote the way you did, doesn't make me gullible or ignorant or stupid or anything else. I'm entitled to vote my conscience just like you are.

And something you may or may not know. Many of us who are born-again Christians (in contrast to your term "religious right") choose our candidates based on factors that you may never understand.

We see what's happening in light of eternity, and what we know God's Word teaches us about what's right and wrong.

We also remember that men who were very religious founded this country. They were not afraid to create documents such as the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence on those beliefs. The idea of separation of church and state didn't come from them. That lie is a very modern idea.

As far as corrupt officials, yes, there are many on both sides. We don't have a perfect government, nor does any other country. But this is because we live in a fallen world, a world that God allows Satan to run for the time being. But his time is short and he knows it. He is working hard to gather as many recruits as possible before God locks him away for good.

You and I will never agree, and that's OK. It's one of the wonderful freedoms we have as residents of this country. But please don't call me gullible or any other name. Where's your "tolerance?" Or does that only apply to those who believe as you do? As a Christian, I do not believe in "tolerance.” I believe in "acceptance.” There is a difference. Tolerance implies that you put up with what you don't like or whom you don't like, which is much different than accepting people.

The Bible is clear that our mission here is to love the Lord God with all that we have and are, and to love others as ourselves. It's the sum of the 10 Commandments that so many people are now afraid of. What so wrong about loving others as we love ourselves?

I love this country as you do, but I recognize that none of us is perfect. Instead of yelling about the corruption, I choose to pray for our leaders, for wisdom and guidance and strength, both of body and mind and yes, morals.

One last thought on moral values. I grew up in a time where we were taught right and wrong at home and in school. If I did something wrong, I was punished. If I hurt someone, I apologized. I said the Pledge of Allegiance each morning in school.

I didn't go to church or know much about God, but I had a conscience that worked well. My parents expected me to behave appropriately at home and in public, and if I didn't, there were consequences that were effective in deterring that behavior in the future. What's so wrong with these things? Why have they become so outdated? Now children have more rights than their parents or teachers, and the world is catering to a generation of young people who believe that their rights supercede everyone else's and they only have to look out for Number One.

What's wrong with that picture? And what's going to happen to us when this generation grows up and is in control of our government and our lives?

Jacque Coombs