Fri, May 24

<i>Fever Pitch</i> is fun, sweet

20th Century Fox

Baseball comes between Drew Barrymore and Jimmy Fallon in the Farrelly Brothers comedy Fever Pitch.

Lindsey is ignorant of the sport and accompanies Ben to games because it’s Ben. But she begins to realize that as much as Ben loves her, he loves the Red Sox more. Lindsey cannot understand how Ben could turn down an offer of $100,000 for the pair of box seats he inherited from an uncle.

Much of the fun comes from the addiction for the team suffered by Ben, his close friends and the people who own the box seats around Ben. They are like an extended family. In one scene Ben holds a “ticket draft” where his friends bid and vie for the use of his second ticket for various games throughout the season. The competition is fierce and Ben runs it with a bull horn in his apartment. This is serious business for these guys.

Lindsey’s workload, and her desire for the promotion, pitted against Ben’s Red Sox obsession puts a strain on their relationship. They are in love but something has got to give for it to work.

Drew Barrymore is excellent as Lindsey. She’s beautiful and smart; we want her to get the promotion and also to end up with Ben. I thought the role of Ben was especially well played. Ben is a youthful, playful fun loving young man and Jimmy Fallon looks like that kind of guy. He has a boyish face that made him believable and likable as Ben. And kudos to the 12-year old Little Leaguer (Brett Murphy) who sets Ben on the path to straight thinking about his life.

The city of Boston and Fenway Park are nicely photographed. The climactic scene where Lindsey takes on Fenway is a howler. Fever Pitch is just what it should be: fun, sweet, colorful and touching.

Fever Pitch is at Harkins Sedona 6 Theater and at the Cottonwood Cinema.