Mon, May 20

Jerome to fight brewery at P&Z meeting<br><i>Council also pushing forward with Clarkdale land sale</i>

Some members of the Jerome Town Council will show up at the Yavapai County Planning & Zoning Commission meeting Feb. 23 to oppose a rezoning application that will allow a restaurant and brewery to open near the town.

The council held a special meeting Thursday morning to discuss, among other things, its opposition to the brewery and the expected sale of land Jerome owns inside the town limits of Clarkdale. Following a one-and-a-half-hour executive session, members briefly discussed both issues before taking action.

John Scarella, councilman, asked if a motion was necessary regarding the proposed restaurant and brewery near the entrance to the Jerome State Historic Park.

"Nothing has changed from our motion of the last meeting," Mayor Jane Moore said.

During a special meeting Jan. 26, the council passed a motion to ask the county P&Z to deny the application to rezone 6.6 acres from residential to commercial. The land in question lies outside of Jerome's town limits but within the footprint of the historical designation that overlays the town.

The Mike Westcott family and Verde Exploration, Ltd., have asked the county to grant a zoning change for the property, known as the Little Daisy Mine Property. Westcott and his wife, Roberta, are property managers for Verde Exploration.

If the zoning change is approved, the Westcotts plan to open a combination restaurant and brewery after renovating the Engineer's Office.

Although the council's stance remains the same as it was during the Jan. 26 meeting, the council decided Thursday that some members will attend the P&Z meeting in the Cottonwood county office building to make a presentation in opposition to the zoning change.

In another matter, the council decided to follow the recommendations contained in a letter from Clarkdale's attorney regarding the sale of 19.3 acres Jerome owns within the town limits of Clarkdale.

Following an executive session with its attorney during a meeting Jan. 11, the council voted to accept the conditions of and follow the final steps outlined in the letter from attorney Robert Pecharich. The letter laid out eight steps Jerome must follow in order to have its plat approved for sale under Clarkdale's minor subdivision ordinance.

Thursday, the council gave direction to staff concerning that letter.

"We will meet with the pertinent people from Clarkdale regarding the letter," Moore said.

After the meeting, Moore explained why the council had revisited an action taken at an earlier meeting.

"We're just following what the letter recommended," she said.

The Jerome council had hoped to have the final plat approved in time to set an auction date and minimum bid price during its February meeting.

Those decisions will have to be postponed.