Thu, May 23

Cowboys pull out a win

Rudy Carrillo passed the ball to Alfonso Pesquira who found the back of Northland Prep's goal half way through the second half, to give the Cowboys their only score of the game, and eventually the win.

Camp Verde's soccer club this season has had a hit or miss year, but not for the lack of trying. This effort paid off Wednesday evening as the Cowboys redeemed an earlier season loss against Northland Prep, pulling out a 1-0 victory.

The Cowboys had a total of 36 shots, 12 of them were shots on goal compared to their competitors who were only able to fire off 10 shots, only four were on goal.

The defense held strong and the Cowboys monopolized the ball for most of the game, having a bit of a hard time getting the ball between the posts. Some went over, three hit the goal posts, but it wasn't until Pesquira's goal, when the ball found its way past the goalie and between the posts.

The first half was a battle between team, both of them making shots, but none going in. It wasn't until the second half when you can see the frustration sinking in, which resulted in three yellow cards, two of them for the Cowboys.

Overall the mood of the game was competitive but sportsman like.

Will Allen missed this game and may be out for a couple more due to an ATV accident that left him battered and bruised, but fortunately nothing broken.

"I don't think we have ever had a team so talented as a whole," said coach Dave Miller. "We've had plenty of challenges this season, I am hoping that these challenges will help the team raise up as a whole."

Northland Prep and Camp Verde are tied for third place, both teams trailing in the region behind Sedona and Chino Valley, the two teams respectively.

"They have a very solid team," said coach Miller. "They are a team that can surprise you."

The next game on the Cowboys schedule is against Grand Canyon on Saturday at home.