Wed, May 22

Industry makes its approach

Cottonwood Planning and Zoning Commission recommended approval of preliminary plats for a couple of industrial subdivisions near the airport. One is to be called Cottonwood Business Park and the other is to be called Cottonwood Airpark, Tract I, Parts A and B (or Cottonwood Airpark II).

The proposed projects would be similar to the existing industrial business park known as Cottonwood Airpark.

The notable difference with the lots proposed in Cottonwood Airpark II is that they would have access to the airfield with "a private taxiway" and "connection to the runway via a single aircraft gate," said Community Development Director George Gehlert. "The developed lot will have a hanger and other accessory uses."

Cottonwood Airpark II would be west of Cottonwood Business Park and include 15 units on 8.93 acres along the west side of Airpark Road, south of West Cottonwood Street.

According to an introduction letter by engineer Tom Pender, "This subdivision will be developed with full access to the airport and it is anticipated that most of the parcels will have some sort of airport-related use or involvementŠThe roadway within the subdivision will be constructed to city standards and dedicated to the city upon acceptance of the improvements."

Community development staff has required that the project obtain approval by the Federal Aviation Administration.

The larger of the two projects, Cottonwood Business Park, would be a 36-unit industrial subdivision on about 18 acres southwest of the intersection of Cottonwood Street and South Willard Street.

According to a staff memo from Gehlert, "This proposal would complete considerable improvements to the Willard Street corridor for almost a quarter mile. The city will complete the rest of the street in 2007."