Thu, May 23

Campaign financing
Cottonwood candidates submit reports

In the race for Cottonwood mayor, Councilwoman Diane Joens has amassed the most amount of money in financial contributions, according to campaign finance reports. The first reports were due at the end of January.

So far, Joens has accumulated $1,610 from family members and individual contributors. Current Mayor Ruben Jauregui has brought in $780. Councilman Randy Lowe's report shows he took in $84 in candidate loans.

Candidate finance reports are mandatory for all candidates except those who run under the $500 threshold exemption -- meaning that they will not exceed or expend more than $500 throughout their campaign.

This is the option council candidates Ron Hollis, Duane Kirby and Terrance Pratt chose.

The remaining council candidate John Altizer did not choose this route. However, his campaign finance reports were not due this period because of his timing in filing to run for council. A future report for Altizer will be due at the next deadline, March 1.

All contributions other than Lowe's personal loans have been made by individuals mostly from Cottonwood and the Verde Valley -- as opposed to contributions from political committees or other organizations.

Joens did find support in Cottonwood Councilman Bob Rothrock, who donated $50 to Joens. Rothrock's term on council expires this year and he has chosen not to seek re-election

Although Joens has more than double the contributions Jauregui has, her amount is peanuts compared to the $10,000 raked in by Camp Verde mayoral candidate Mitch Dickinson.

In addition, Joens' contributors appear to be family members and, for the most part, Cottonwood residents, while more than $2,500 of Dickinson's contributions have come from seven out-of-towners connected to Camp Verde developer Scott Simonton, according to reports from The Bugle.

The Bugle also reported that the only contributor from the Verde Valley to donate more than $25 to Dickinson's campaign is Camp Verde real estate agent and developer Rob Witt.

In Camp Verde's mayoral race, Dickinson's opponent, Mayor Tony Gioia has, brought in about $600.