Tue, May 21

Camp Verde's loss is Verde Village's gain

What should have been a major convenience for environment-loving Camp Verde residents was unknown to most and abused by the rest. And that is why the recycle site at the Camp Verde Transfer Station was removed by Sedona Recycles. It was, instead, placed by the clubhouse in Verde Village.

That's an unfortunate remark on Camp Verde.

Those who could have been hauling both trash and recyclables to the same location for separation were instead using the bins as a general dumping site. They could not spare the few extra feet and the extra cash to dispose of their garbage appropriately. Instead, they invaded the recycle bins.

Perhaps that is better than dumping helter-skelter on Forest Service land as so many in the area continue to do.

Many in Camp Verde were unfamiliar with transfer station recycle site. Most know of the recycle bins once by the high school and now near Heritage Pool, but the other site went largely unnoticed. Residents, in fact, came to believe the bins by the transfer station were indeed for garbage because of the way they were trashed. Let's call it "historical use."

It was unfair and irresponsible to leave Sedona Recycles footing the trash-disposal bill. It was a very good decision to give use of the bins to Verde Village.

Now the ever-growing Verde Village has a better chance to participate in recycling efforts. A little separation of plastic, paper and aluminum does a person good. It is a learning opportunity for young and old. The new easy-to-find location should be a boon for these residents, who do not live within neighboring Cottonwood's city limits.

It's Camp Verde loss, but it is really Verde Village's gain.