Thu, May 23

LDS congregation has new leaders

Bishop William Olson (center) with counselors Gary R. Romig and Timothy Raban.

Bishop William Olson (center) with counselors Gary R. Romig and Timothy Raban.

The Mountain View Ward of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Cottonwood has a new set of leaders.  

Presiding as bishop will be William Olson, who has chosen Gary R. Romig to be his first counselor with Timothy Raban as his second counselor.  Together, they form what is known as a bishopric who preside over fellow members of the church in their ward (congregation).

Olson is the owner of A&B Motors in Cottonwood.  He and his wife Lori have five children.  In preparation for this new responsibility he has served as a Scout Master in addition to other leadership positions in men's organizations and even as a counselor in a previous bishopric.

First counselor Gary R. Romig and his wife Kate are the parents of six children.  He is currently retired.  Romig also has a long history of service in the church, mainly in leadership positions having to do with missionary work and organizing activities for service and religious instruction among the men in the ward.

Timothy Raban and wife Cami have three children.  He works as a manufacturing leader at W.L. Gore & Associates in Flagstaff.  In addition to serving in men's organizations in the church he has also worked with the teenage boys in the ward.

A bishopric is expected to have a means of supporting themselves and their families because they serve without pay for a term of up to five years.  Each week they will spend many hours planning and presiding over meetings for Sunday worship as well as activities for the youth during the week.  They also have the responsibility of asking other members to volunteer their time to give sermons, provide music and teach classes to both adults and children.  They strive to involve everyone in one way or another to give unselfish service to others.

This new bishopric replaces the former Bishop Edward Merwin and his counselors, Ray Stever and Kent Jones.

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