Sat, May 25

Kia and Leslie

Kia Conlon (Little) and Leslie Sonnier (Big)

Kia Conlon (Little) and Leslie Sonnier (Big)

Kia and Leslie have been matched since October. Kia is 12 and Leslie is in her 20s. The match meets at least twice per month, for several hours each visit.

If anyone asked either one of them how they were getting along, they would probably receive the same answer: "The match is awesome!"

The two have sampled several restaurants in Sedona together, been out to the movies, made cookies, and worked on Kia's homework.

Periodically, they will take an extreme adventure together, such as the time that they laughed over a bumpy Pink Jeep Tour ride and their most recent four-wheel drive trip out on the trails of the Sedona desert.

Kia enjoys the one-to-one attention that she gets from Leslie, since her mom must share her time between Kia and her baby brother.

Additionally, Kia is a very physically active person who enjoys a diversity of sports. Leslie has no trouble keeping up with Kia and inventing new ways for the two of them to spend a fun day together.

Leslie became a Big Sister because a good friend of hers was involved with Big Brothers Big Sisters. Additionally, she had always been a volunteer in one program or another and was missing that type of commitment.

Her mother brought her up modeling the benefits of volunteerism through her own many efforts.

Leslie is the type of person to lend her efforts when she is needed. How about you? We have dozens of children waiting in YOUR community - many need exactly what you have to offer!

If you can't be a Big right now- how about helping these relationships work? Bowl for Kids Sake is YBBBS's most important fund drive of the year.

Last year it raised enough money to match 300 kids- this year we are short on teams. You and 4 friends can really make a difference without much effort- and we throw you the best Thank you party in town. PLEASE, be a Mentor, be a part of something BIG- Join us for Bowl for Kids Sake! Call for more information. Time is short, call today!

If you would like to experience the joys of mentoring a child, or have a child that needs a Big Brother or Sister, please contact our office at 928-634-9789.