Mon, May 20

Sex-with-student case plods on

Emili Daniels

Emili Daniels

COTTONWOOD - Emili Daniels has six weeks to make a counter-offer to a prosecutor's change of plea or to proceed to trial. That was something of an ultimatum from the Superior Court Judge Tina Ainley when the biology teacher appeared before her Tuesday morning.

The small 34-year-old woman made a brief appearance in Ainley's courtroom but did not speak. Her public defender John Hollis told the judge that the defense has new information that will lead to a counter-offer with the state.

Prosecutor Steve Young had presented Daniels with a plea offer in April, though the content of that offer has not been disclosed.

The charter school teacher was indicted on three counts of sexual conduct with a minor and a fourth count of attempted sexual conduct with a minor. The alleged affair with the student was uncovered in early March when the school's principal unlocked the teacher's classroom to find a 17-year-old boy at the teacher's desk. The boy told the investigators that the relationship began six months earlier in October and turned sexual after a month.

The teenage boy's guardians have attended every hearing to follow the case. The court ordered the teacher to have no further contact with the boy. Daniels is free pending a $20,000 bond.