Fri, May 24

Mixing it up makes good business sense

David G. Cook, Chairman, Sedona Village Business Association

David G. Cook, Chairman, Sedona Village Business Association

As those in attendance are aware, to say that the First Annual Sedona Village Business Association Mixer was a great success is an understatement. The event held Thursday, March 5th, exceeded everyone's expectations with over twice as many guests as anticipated.

The SVBA would like to sincerely thank Edgar Lazoya, General Manager of the Hilton for providing such a wonderful venue. A very special thank you is also in order for Catering and Events Director Doreen Kalmus and her staff. Not only was the Tequa Ballroom tastefully elegant and the food and drinks exceptional, but Doreen and her staff handled the extra chairs and especially the extra food needed so quickly and efficiently, that the entire event proceeded seamlessly.

Everyone enjoyed guest speaker, Tim McClellan, founder of Western Heritage Furniture in Jerome. Tim has also started Verde BioFuel and explained his truly inspirational business model for both companies, which is based on "green" ideals.

Tim is an example of smart business, with an environmental conscious. He is one leads by example when it comes to alternative resources. The SVBA is most appreciative of the opportunity to have Tim tell his story of enlightenment and ingenuity. It was also quite interesting to be able to check out the bio fuel station he brought to give us an idea of what's involved and how it works.

With each meeting and now with the mixer, the SVBA has been gaining new members and we encourage anyone interested in community interaction, to attend a meeting, or SVBA sponsored event. So welcome to all the new members and also to those who may join soon, too. The SVBA has grown into a broader organization, with non-business members as well. Many members are also involved in other community issues and organizations, including the Big Park Regional Coordinating Council, Planning and Zoning, the All American Road Committee and now the Big Park Community Plan Review.

There is a renewed spirit of cooperation as the various community organizations and their shared members work together to ensure our community continues to grow and prosper in a new and ever-changing economic environment. As such, all members of the community, residential and business alike are encouraged to participate in the public process of reviewing and updating the community plan. This process is now underway and there are several sub-committees, covering every aspect of community development and operation. Additional information can be obtained, input can be submitted and volunteers for the sub-committees enlisted in several ways.

Information and links will be available on the Sedona Village Business Association website (, the Big Park Regional Coordinating Council website (, at any of the community meetings, or if anyone is really interested and wants information directly from the source, Chairman Norm Murdoch says you can call him...really.

This is your opportunity to have a say in how this community evolves. Many people failed to participate in the SR 179 planning process and consequently felt left out later during the implementation period. Don't let that happen this time. If you've ever wanted to have legitimate input into the development of your community, this is an opportunity not to be missed.

A reminder for those interested in the next Full Moon Walk, it will be Saturday, April 4th, from 4 to 7 p.m.. The theme will be the Planter Moon and will include "A Taste of the Village", featuring foods of the Village. It's a great opportunity to come out and celebrate Spring with your neighbors.

Once again, thanks to all who helped with the SVBA Mixer, both in the planning stages and at the event itself, we had a great event and a good time was had by all, thanks to you. Also thanks to all who came out and "mixed", many of whom are now new members. As always, all those interested in interacting and participating in the community, are welcome at any of the SVBA meetings (on the first Wednesday of every month, at 4:30 p.m, in the second floor meeting room at Sedona Winds, on Jack's Canyon Road), or any of the SVBA sponsored events.

We hope to see you soon.