Fri, May 24

Letter: All these ‘why’ questions will never be answered


Although I’ve lived here 13 years, I still keep up on my hometown news by reading the newspaper online every day. I just read two articles about a crash in a small city just north of where I lived. The crash, at 2:40 a.m., killed six people in two cars. The one car had teens, 15-17, and one 21-year-old adult. The teen driver had just gotten a driver’s license. The law requires no driving by a teen from midnight to 5 a.m. until the person has a license for six months.

In the second article, the state patrol said there was a very strong odor of alcohol in and around the car with the teens and one adult. One of the articles spoke of people’s anger about the entire thing. One of the article headlines used someone’s quote: “Why God?” It might be more appropriate to just ask God to help get them through this terrible situation?

There are so many “whys.” Why were the teens out at 2:40 a.m.? Why was the driver allowed to drive at an illegal time? Why were they with a 21-year-old adult at 2:40 a.m., which in itself may have been a recipe for disaster? Did all the parents do their jobs explaining dangers of drinking and driving? Did the parents encourage the kid’s schools to educate all students on the dangers?

God doesn’t cause these terrible things to happen. We all have free will to act anyway we choose. Maybe in this case, some people just dropped the ball along the way -- maybe not. All these “why” questions will never be answered. If the parents have done the job they should have to the best of their ability, then the “why” is that the teens just made a bad choice. It’s that “free will” thing again.

I guess the only reason I’m writing this letter is to ask parents to do their best to educate their children against all these dangers. There are so many dangers today. Please keep a tight reign on your kids. They will hate that, and maybe for a while hate you for that. But probably not forever. And maybe that tight reign, and the proper education on things like drinking and driving, being out long after curfew, etc., will keep your kids alive. Alive long enough to understand that you are only looking out for their best interests. And ask God for His help. He is here to help, if asked.

Dave Woehning