Wed, May 22

Editorial: Valley schools will miss leadership of Simmons, Groseta

The hours sometimes can be arduous. The conflicts often can be overwhelming. There’s no money in it and you’ll probably make more enemies than friends.

Given those realities of serving on a local school board, it’s a given that people who choose this path of important community service likewise one day will choose not to do so.

Such was the case this week when nominating petitions for local school board seats were filed with the county elections department. Those school board seats will be decided in the November election.

Among the notable absences in those filings were Mingus School Board member Andy Groseta and Cottonwood-Oak Creek’s Lori Simmons. Without a doubt, that counts for a big loss to both school boards. While not always in agreement with the decisions of Groseta and Simmons, we have to say that they both were excellent school board members and they will be missed.

It’s unfortunate that Simmons and Groseta are leaving office with not having succeeded at unifying the two districts into one. They were on the same side of the fence on that contentious issue, but their forward thinking was not enough to overcome the political complexities involved.

Let’s hope those that succeed Simmons and Groseta will bring the same thoughtful approach to the job and like them will not be afraid to ask tough questions and expect excellence from their administrative and teaching staffs.

With people such as Simmons and Groseta, though, it is a certainty that we will continue to see both of them involved in community service. It’s just part of who they are. We’re lucky to have them in our community.

Thank you for your fine service to our school systems.