Sun, May 26

Christmas greetings

From the heavenly bamboo with its beautiful red berries in our yard to the snowy regions of the San Francisco peaks, we wish you a very Merry Christmas. I took the photo of Corky on Christmas day and my brother took the shot of me last month whilst I was in Minnesota. Q's photo was taken last week and the critters during the year now ending.

It is rather pointless to attempt a recap of 2010 as you have shared the journey with us. If you are new to the list, suffice it that Corky and I have had a wonderful year and on balance we can only say that it has been and is a very good year. The highlights are all the friends and family we are privileged to interact with and then all the creatures who inhabit the planet with us. The gift of life, the joy, love and promise that Christmas brings to the forefront is vital renewal to be savored regardless of one's faith. It is unique and special and we celebrate it.

Now the Christmas holiday is behind and we ready ourselves to dive back into life as we know it; we hope that you keep close to your heart the love that is so special during this small part of each year.

Take care, be well and thank you for being a part of our lives; our lives are enriched because you are in it.

Ted & Corky