Mon, May 20

Service Notes 7-30-10

Sam Rotman returns to Cottonwood

Internationally renowned classical pianist Sam Rotman will be giving a concert Sunday, Aug. 1 at 3 p.m. at One In Christ Church, 2080 S. 260, in Cottonwood.  Admission is free.

This week at Unity

Worship services for Unity of Sedona are Sunday, Aug. 1, 9 and 11 a.m. This Sunday, Rev. Mark Pope’s topic is “The Principles and Practices of Spiritual Abundance IV.”

The world of circumstances and relationships are in a state of constantly change.  At this point in the unfolding drama of human beings on earth, this state of constant change is accelerating.  Our attempts to find security and happiness through the world of form are even more rapidly faltering and failing.  

Throughout time spiritual teachings have pointed out a way to live in a sense of confidence and security no matter what happens in this world of “apparent” outer conditions.  

The practices and principles of spiritual abundance involve learning to live from a conscious sense of an Infinite Source.  Living in the realization of Infinite Source confers Peace, Joy, and Abundance at all times.  

This week learn to apply the practice of Forgiveness as a part of a deepening commitment to living from Source.

Unity is at 65 Deer Trail Drive in Sedona. For information, call (928) 282-7181 or visit

God’s Energy Presence

This Sunday, discover ways to move beyond the limitations of intellect that have blocked you from having a more fulfilling life.

Rev. Steven Lane Taylor will share five ways that a person may block the experience of the Divine Flow of God’s Energy Presence. He will also show you specifically what to do to remove such blockages.

Anyone who has ever felt the frustration of blocks in life through the inadequacy of their intellect should attend.

Sunday Educational Services under the auspices of the University of Sedona College of Advanced Spirituality emphasizing Transcendent Spiritual Explorations are conducted at the Sedona Community Center at 11 a.m. SCC is located at 2615 Melody Lane.

For information, call (928) 203-0730.