Tue, May 21


When you think back to your childhood, do you remember the older guy in your life that you always wanted to be around? The guy that made you feel important and helped you to become the person that you are today? You can be that positive figure in a child’s life here in your own community! Yavapai Big Brothers Big Sisters currently has hundreds of kids on a waiting list in the Verde Valley and Sedona for a Big Brother or Big Sister and the majority of those kids are boys.

Meet Izzy…

Izzy is 10 years old and lives with his mother and older sister. Izzy’s mother describes him as sweet, caring, funny, easy to get along with and very inquisitive person. His primary passion is snowboarding, which he is already accomplished at, and able to do jumps. Izzy enjoys pretty much any active outdoor sport, including BMX-riding , rock climbing, swimming, diving, rafting, and hiking. He is currently teaching himself to play the bass guitar.

Izzy does average in school. He says that he “loves learning things at school” especially about geometry, the human body and poetry. He loves to read and does so daily. Izzy’s current favorite book is Yellow Star about a child in Poland during WWII. He also enjoys reading Captain Underpants. When Izzy grows up he says he’d like to be on a hunting show and that he is saving up to go on a hunting trip in Alaska.

Izzy has grown up primarily with women, he does see is father, uncles and grandfather once year during summer vacation. His mother would like him to be able to have some “guy time” with a big brother, who is young at heart and will be a positive model and do active things with Izzy. She hopes for some who will be handy at fixing and building and will share those skills with her son. Izzy would love to have a big brother who would take him snowboarding and will have the similar outdoor interests.

Join Yavapai Big Brothers Big Sisters today by becoming a Big Brother of Big Sister to a young person like Izzy! Just a few hours a couple times a month is all it takes to change a life. Contact Yavapai Big Brothers Big Sisters at 928-634-9789 or online at Yavapai Big Brothers Big Sisters is a volunteer and donor supported organization proven to help the most vulnerable children in our communities succeed through one-to-one relationships. The organization currently serves 17 communities and over 60 school sites within Yavapai County and Sedona.