Letter: We need ethical, intelligent, competent politicians


There comes a time when we must decide what is more important to us; rhetoric or reality. Do we want a charismatic candidate who captures our collective imagination but who cannot lead or do we want a very boring but intelligent one without all of the glitz and glamour?

Surely the time has come for us to abandon our denial of reality and admit to ourselves that politicians, no matter which party they belong to, are not capable of keeping their promises to us nor do they intend to do so when in the excitement of campaigning they tell us precisely what we want to hear.

It is clear to me that politicians have taken the very negative trait of prevarication and turned it into an art form. Of course, the problem arises because essentially politics is the art of compromise. It has always been understood that all of our politicians have this characteristic in common. Their willingness, ability and adeptness at the art of compromise is one of the primarily reasons they are elected.

Unfortunately, prevarication is all too often mistaken for compromise. When our politicians lie to us we mistakenly assume they are just practicing the art of compromise and altering their positions from the campaign promises they made to us to win election in order to achieve effective governance. Frankly, it is our naiveté; our willingness to be deceived, that allows this intolerable situation to not only exist but to flourish in our political system.

What I think most voters fail to acknowledge or even realize is the elaborate “vetting” process that occurs before anyone on the national level can even begin to be considered for national office. Clearly, the military-industrial complex fully “vets” these people prior to any election to insure that no matter who gains public office their true allegiance is in alignment with the goals and purposes of the military-industry complex.

In this manner, it makes no difference, no real or practical difference, which candidate becomes president or which party controls power in our congress. I know this is a depressing truth but it is truth none the less and unless and until voters recognize and acknowledge that our political system has been utterly, completely compromised by avarice we cannot hope to effect any meaningful changes that will benefit the vast majority of ordinary Americans who “play by the rules” and adhere to the “rule of law” despite all of the considerable evidence that our politicians; and those in the military industrial complex who control them give considerable rhetorical lip service to these concepts but in reality they do not believe in or follow the rules they expect their constituencies to adopt as the norm.

If we reflect upon the “meteoric” rise of Barack Obama onto the national political scene and examine that same phenomena with William Jefferson Clinton, and even George W. Bush, it becomes evident that none of these men were prepared for national leadership and they had all been “vetted” by the corporate powers that put them into office. This is not to say that we, the people did not facilitate or cooperate in this venture. With the notable exception of George W. Bush, our illegitimate two-term president who obtained office by fraud, we embraced these “charismatic” leaders and purchased the snake oil they sold to us.

Unless we can find an intelligent, capable, very boring group of people who do not prevaricate to us as the standard means of becoming elected; people whose word and deed are irrevocably merged into a principled marriage of consistent behavior that we can rely upon as valid when we put them into office, our spiral into decadence deceit and decay will continue unabated and when reality does come home to America with the conscious acknowledgement by voters and citizens that we are powerless to prevent this destruction of American democratic ideals and principles that has thus far been mere word not deed and is demonstrably an experiment that has failed miserably to live up to those ideals and principles in word and deed, we will awaken from our deep comatose state much like Rip Van Winkle and discover that we are in word and deed no longer living in a democracy or a republic.

This same dynamic existed, or one eerily similar to it, in Germany prior to the rise of the Nazi party. It was the complete disillusionment with the existing governance and the betrayal of the German people manifested by the Great Depression that led to the abandonment of established parties and norms and created the opportunity for the rise of Adolph Hitler; arguably the most charismatic leader in modern history, and the Nazi Party.

It was the decision to embrace mysticism and turn Adolph into a God that led to the ultimate defeat of Germany. It is hard to deal with a living, breathing God in your midst or persuade him to make rational decisions about such things as treaties and troop deployments.

We are experiencing that same dynamic in America in 2010. We are seeing the establishment of the “Tea Party”. Anyone with an ounce of intelligence can see that this alleged “populist” movement is in reality a neo-Nazi organization peopled primarily by racists, disaffected white workers and other core constituencies of the GOP that have become disillusioned with a party that has not delivered on its promises to rejuvenate the Southern dream of a new confederacy modeled upon the Civil War era one that embraced slavery as its core theme. If the Tea Party becomes a viable party able to gain control of our American body politic, not even the military-industrial complex will be able to prevent the ensuing disaster. Although, the alternative; a country dedicated to corporatism isn’t any easier to contemplate because it can readily and easily incorporate all of the fascistic and Nazi beliefs into its goal of complete domination of the populace without any pangs of conscience.

Such is the sad truth of our reality. A reality understandably that most of us want desperately to avoid acknowledgement of and one that we will go to almost Herculean efforts to deny no matter what evidence exists to disprove our antiquated belief in corrupt politicians who practice their art of prevarication upon us with profligate impunity.

Obviously, former President George W. Bush met the criteria for being an uncharismatic, boring president. Unfortunately for America, he was not very intelligent. He even bragged about being of “average” mentality receiving “C’s” and even “D’s” during his college years. How disappointing and tragic it was for this illegitimate president to have gained power in America with his puppeteers manipulating him until we ended up with this devastating financial crisis.

Only an idiot would give massive tax breaks to the wealthy elite while simultaneously fighting two wars [the one in Iraq completely immoral and illegal] heaping massive debt upon the American people while simultaneously allowing wall street and the banks to defraud us. And lest we forget,

This was the GOP, the Grand Old Party of legend that claimed to be fiscally responsible and principled. Well, Greed triumphed over Principle in the GOP once again and when rhetoric collided with reality, Wall Street ended up with the gold and we got the shaft.

But, we have no one to blame but ourselves because we sat silent as the neo-conservative supreme court interfered in the Florida election in an unprecedented ruling that effectively gave George W. Bush the Presidency and we did nothing about it. We sat idly by waiting for a miracle.

It is amazing to witness how many in the media and those in corporate America who mistakenly think “they” are part of the ruling elite or at least do the biding of that ruling elite and believe they are immune from their avarice.

It will be interesting to see how many of these talking heads and political pundits meet the same fate or perhaps worse than that of the ordinary Americans they daily deceive.

But, make no mistake about it, even William Jefferson Clinton was controlled by the military-industrial complex. His support for NAFTA will go down in history as one of the greatest betrayals of working class people throughout the entire world. His infamous exclusion of protections for workers in that agreement where he delegated them to “side agreements” to be dealt with later was rhetorical chutzpah. He, too, while admittedly brilliant, was “charismatic” and turned out to be nothing more than a puppet for the military-industrial complex with a penchant for a perverse sexual appetite.

But let us not forget Barack Obama with his Noble Peace Prize speech in which he embraced militarism and his support for nuclear energy who has betrayed those who put him in office with the promise of “change we can believe in” rhetoric that turned out to be just that; pure, unadulterated rhetoric devoid of all substance.

If I could have one prayer answered, it would be for America to produce ethical, intelligent, competent politicians who would put the well being of the people ahead of their own perceived personal gain. The Tea Party movement is genuinely frightening. I hope we will not deceive ourselves about this new party.

Anyway, I will not hold my breath waiting for such a miracle such as the one expressed in this letter to occur. Our capacity for self-deception is historical and hysterical and I fear that the economic collapse occurring will lead us down a very dark and dangerous path. This is one time in my life I truly hope to be proven wrong.

John A. Bond



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