Wed, May 22

Letter: Rec Center shows great vision by city officials


I would like to take this opportunity to commend Cottonwood on the fabulous new recreation center and the remodeled aquatics center. As annual members, my family has really enjoyed the fitness and fun opportunities offered at these state-of-the-art facilities.

When we moved to Cottonwood from Phoenix last July, I checked out every fitness center, trying to find a place that would be family-friendly. I was unsuccessful in looking for something like the YMCA, which has many facilities in Phoenix but none in the Verde Valley. Of course, I was delighted when I saw that the city of Cottonwood had the vision to build a beautiful recreation center to better serve the community and provide fitness and recreation opportunities.

I work out at the Recreation Center almost daily, and have observed that it is a tremendously popular facility much appreciated by a wide spectrum of community members.

Frankly, I can’t believe the quantity and variety of people that use the facilities! I see all ages, all races, all types, all levels of fitness…you name it! And, everyone seems to be having a good time and exercising at whatever level works for them. The staff are helpful and caring, and the facilities clean. The classes are very well-attended, the pools well-kept and monitored and the fitness facilities always in use. The facilities are state-of-the-art, comfortable, and inviting, and the amenities including child care and community rooms very impressive.

I firmly believe that the Recreation Center will be a critical tool in the difficult battle to combat obesity and improve community health. I recognize that there are those who think that the Recreation Center is a waste of money, and I would challenge them to join or visit the Recreation center and see for themselves. I think that they would agree that the Recreation Center provides a much-needed and critical gathering place for an incredible diversity of community members, and allows them the opportunity to have fun and improve their health. Better health means higher quality and longer lives and less of a drain on health care providers and emergency medical responders. It ultimately means a healthier community and people that are in control of their life.

I am so grateful that you and the other enlightened city officials pushed forward on this project despite the inevitable community opposition. It is truly a remarkable and unique project and clearly distinguishes Cottonwood as a leader in the Verde Valley and Northern Arizona.

Thanks so much for your vision. I know that your foresight is appreciated by the many community members that use these beautiful facilities.

Karen O’Regan