Sat, May 25

Mixed bag

Summer Monsoons

Summer Monsoons

... at least that is what the day seemed like. I guess days that I mostly spend indoors working when I would rather be out shooting, soaring or whatever end up feeling like a day gone slightly awry. It was good though; I got a lot of legal work done and Corky got a lot of reading done. She has completely adjusted to using the Kindle now. Q had a good day and a little lizard that made the mistake of entering our home. Trespass in his world is a capital offense and it does ease the burden of feeding him as well. He is permitting our continuing habitation in the house and as long as he gets his brushing first thing after I pour a cup of coffee in the morning I think he will consider us as worth keeping.

I went through some more of the photos from the weekend and specifically the shoot at Bubbling Ponds. Easy to see how I missed this, but it is a worthwhile photo showing the Osprey Hawk heading straight down at the pond to get his meal for the afternoon. You can see he is starting to extend the talons to get the fish when he hits the water which was approximately ten feet below him and at around eighty miles per hour it was about a twelfth of a second after I took this shot. I would have liked to have a larger image of him, but the shot was taken from slightly over two hundred yards away and with a side profile he was a small target.

The second shot I took last week and was taken over the confluence of the Verde River and Sycamore Creek, altitude was about 8500'. The monsoons present some wonderful opportunities for the dramatic whether in the air or on the ground. Since my friends in the ISO100 group get most of the great shots on the ground, I am relegated to the sky. I feel more at home there anyhow, so it works out well. The view is looking to the NE and on the left side of the photo you are looking up at the easterly side of Sycamore canyon. The red rocks stretching along the upper right portion of the photograph are where the Pataki Ruins are and further to the right the rim makes a turn N and enters Long Canyon.

Another busy one coming up and thankful for the opportunities. The Enigma flight computer comes back tomorrow afternoon so we'll be heading up to the airport to install it again and if there is time another flight.

Have a wonderful day, keep a smile going and be happy you are not a fish in a pond, or lizard in our house ... lots to always be thankful for! LOL