Tue, June 18

Letter: It’s time for proposals that aren’t smoke and mirrors


When Rahm Emanuel told the president “Never let a good crisis go to waste,” he should have added, to be truthful, “and if there is no crisis, create one.”

Neither Obama nor Harry Reid ever intended to negotiate on cuts in federal spending, hoping that creating a debt limit “crisis” would force Republicans to repudiate their pledge to voters. So mistrusted are they that Rasmussen polling of likely voters finds that if an agreement is made to raise taxes and cut spending in order to pass a debt limit increase, only 45 percent believe the spending cuts will actually occur.

While Obama has tried to appear as the “Great Compromiser”, the only hints of him compromising have come through leaks, easily denied later. His own budget proposal was so ridiculous that it failed in the Senate 97 to nothing – even Reid and Pelosi against it.

Mitch McConnell’s “fall back” proposal it a total retreat. The “Gang of Six” proposal is tax increases now and fuzzy promises to “discuss” possible cuts later. The Republicans are the only adults in the room. They have produced the only actual bill – “Cut, Cap and Balance” - for which Reid, recognizing its growing popularity with voters, refused to allow a debate and vote on possible amendments to be sent back to the House for consideration.

Tabling the bill, he couldn’t risk letting Democrat Senators face their constituents before voting.

I am sick of back room dealing. There are one hundred Senators – not 6. There are 435 Representatives – not just the few in leadership positions. Obama promised transparency – just one of his many broken promises.

The Democrats have been content to offer nothing, oppose everything. It’s time to listen to proposals that aren’t smoke and mirrors.

Jim Barber

Camp Verde