Tue, June 18

Letter: I’ll keep my God and my guns


I feel compelled to respond to the letter from Carole Adelsman, which seems, in essence, to be asking what guns in the hands of citizens have done to curtail tyranny. 

Perhaps a little review of history is in order. 

When Adolf Hitler came to power in Germany and wanted to take over the world, one of the first things he did was to get the German parliament to outlaw posession of guns by the citizens.  This made it very easy for him and his thugs to sieze total power. 

When the German Army invaded Poland, a handful of Jewish people with a handful of handguns held off the entire might of the Wermacht (German Army) for ten days, allowing thousands of Jews to get out of the ghetto and escape the horrors of the concentration camps.  

About the same time, the Empire of Japan was running rampant all over Asia, taking over entire countries, whose populations were mostly unarmed, and ultimately attacking the U.S. at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.  In the aftermath of World War II, there was a meeting between some of our top military personnel and their Japanese counterparts. 

The question was raised: “Why didn’t Japanese forces ever invade the Continental U.S.?  Clearly, you had the capability.”  The response was, “We knew almost every American home had guns. We did not wish to become entrapped in such a quagmire!”  

Oh, and by the way, long before that, a bunch of former British subjects decided they’d rather be free citizens, and took up arms to throw off the British yoke. 

Most of them either died in the revolution or died paupers afterward. 

You and I are free to write letters to the editor because of the efforts of these armed citizens. 

I’ll keep my God and my guns. You can keep “the change.”

Rick Brenfleck

Camp Verde