Sun, May 26

Letter: Real problem is intersection of Mingus and 6th Street


Once again the Verde Independent has taken the quick solution offered by the city without addressing significant concerns regarding a new round about at the intersection of Mingus and Willard.

Sunday’s editorial addressed the traffic congestion at this intersection correctly, but that’s about all you got right. Instead of dealing with the real issues, like the amount of young school children that will use this as a primary crossing, you instead dealt with the question of acceptance of roundabouts by us citizens.

I think we have all accepted roundabouts; that is not the issue. What is at stake is, unique to this intersection, the amount of young children crossing over while traffic in any direction may not stop.

Roundabout or not, there are plenty of distracted and disengaged drivers and not bringing them to a stop with the amount of children in this area is ridiculous.

The editorial continues to talk about how this is such a bad intersection for backed up traffic.

The real culprit for the back up is the intersection of Mingus and 6th Street. Now the city and paper are suggestion that a constant flow of traffic from the Mingus/Willard intersection will clear up the traffic mess?

The roundabout will add to the already bigger mess at 6th Street. I expected that the Independent would take the time to cover the significance of this round about, its unique aspects, and deliver to us a more thorough and well thought out opinion.

Al Stanton