Thu, May 23

Letter: Corruption needs a catalyst


You can claim this bank or that business is “corrupt” all you want to; but the fact of the matter is that in order for them to operate a “corrupt business practice” that would have any significance they need some sort of “Catalyst”, which is the means or methodology that enables them to be “corrupt”; and the most notable or common source that enables a corrupt business is “corrupt politicians” or a totally “corrupt government”; take your choice on what we are dealing with here and now.

Let me explain this a little differently: If I am as “crooked as a dog’s hind leg” and offer you a “bribe”, it may be illegal, but nothing actually “corrupt” happens until or unless you accept the “offered incentive” so really “My offer to you does no damage to anyone, without you (The Enabler) accepting my offer.” And that is the way it is with the so-called ‘Wall Street greed’ or any other shady activity you can name.

It is my firm opinion that the government is far more complicit in the problems that are supposedly being addressed by the “useful idiots” that are protesting in New York and elsewhere around the country without knowing what they are protesting about; when asked, their answers are so vague or illogical that they “make no sense at all”; and the “mainstream news” is treating their actions as legitimate and even necessary.

Please, wake up, America; this is a coordinated effort to “destroy the United States” and push our nation into a “totalitarian global society” that will destroy all resemblance to the great nation that was formed here over two hundred years ago, progressed to “greatness” and then started a long gradual decline that is coming down to the difference between the “Tea Party Movement” and this disastrous mess called “The Wall Street Protesters”. If you cannot see the difference you are “blind as a bat” or so misinformed, you may be beyond still having the ability to think for yourself.

Dale Gohr