Fri, May 24

The quiet hours

... I think there are a lot of us in this group who have swung at the end of an anchor or buoy at the end of a day of sailing. A dinner and time relaxing on the deck enjoying the last rays of the day before going below for a good night's rest listening to gentle waves slap on the hull and the rigging swaying and making quiet sounds. Everything is a little nicer and the food tastier. Then the fresh sweet air as the sun rises in the morning, coffee and breakfast and some relaxing moments before the sails are run up and the day continues.

I took this shot a couple of years ago as I drove down the coast on Hwy 1 north of Santa Barbara at sunset; a couple of the channel islands are on the horizon and the sun had just slipped below the horizon. I found myself wishing it was me on the sailboat ... not to be and a few more hours of driving before I called it a night in Huntington Beach where Corky and I spent twenty five years before the move to Sedona. We spent a lot of time on the water both sail and later power ... cove hopping at Catalina and up and down the coast. Anyhow I hope you enjoy the serenity of this shot and that if you have not spent time on the water like this that someday you can; it refreshes the soul.

It was a long day today with a trip down to Phoenix to see Corky's neurologist, but as always a pleasure to see the good Dr. Tobin ... I think he said something about sleep too :-) When we got back a friend had a salad ready for dinner and two of the tree beefsteak tomatoes that our plant has produced were cut up in the salad. Unbelievable!!! They had a wonderful tomato taste unlike the pathetic red things sold as tomatoes in most stores. Many blooms on the four plants which are filling the area where we had the propane tank so hopeful for more. If not the price is thirty dollars per tomato ... but worth it.

Have a wonderful day, be of good cheer and follow the advice of most doctors I know and get a good night's rest :+) and smile and enjoy your life ... it is a precious gift.

Cheers and good morning Dick.