Tue, June 18

Mingus girls soccer overpowers Prescott
Braly scores four in 7-1 rout

<b>Cortlin Sandoval</b> wins a header against Prescott on Bright Field Wednesday. VVN/Sean Morris

<b>Cortlin Sandoval</b> wins a header against Prescott on Bright Field Wednesday. VVN/Sean Morris

COTTONWOOD - Mingus girls soccer remained unbeaten after holding a clinic on Bright Field against the Prescott Badgers Wednesday. The Marauders won 7-1 and Torey Braly had four goals and two assists.

The Badgers entered the game coming off a 2-0 victory over rival Bradshaw Mountain Tuesday, but Prescott didn't have enough left in the tank to challenge the Marauders Wednesday.

Time of possession greatly favored Mingus and most of the game took place on Prescott's half. Strength in the middle helped Mingus control the ball and the flow of the game.

So far this season, Mingus hasn't played an Arizona team capable of matching their intensity and skills.

"Everything's working for us," said Braly after the Prescott game. "We played great soccer tonight. Great soccer. Subbing up top for us means fresh legs and fresh shots all the time, and defense, as usual, is a wall in the back. Everything is working out for us like it did when we won state. It's like deja vu all over again."

The first goal of the match was a Braly corner kick. MacKenzie Mabery found herself unguarded and put her head on the cross from the corner in the fifth minute.

"That was awesome. I've been told to drive the ball with my laces so it's more direct and a quicker ball. I've been working on it and to have Mack on the end of it felt amazing. I enjoy that kind of goal more than a breakaway any day," said Braly.

The second goal was Braly by herself. She found an opening and took advantage. It's like clockwork. Braly can beat defenders one on one, she can rip a shot from beyond the 18, she can set up her teammates. She's ambidextrous. She's the most complete striker and definitely the most dominant athlete currently at Mingus.

Braly's scoring came in the flow against Prescott and that might be the most impressive aspect of her game from a team perspective. She's not a ball hog and she trusts her teammates. Other girls on the roster have a nose for the goal too and a balanced Marauder scoring attack makes keepers dizzy.

Dalis Sealey scored the third goal with a beautiful shot from beyond the 18. Prescott defenders didn't respect her ability from that distance and she made them pay. She feathered the ball into the net over the top opposite post.

"We're getting a consistent attack from multiple players all over the field. Opposing teams get shocked by how many shots are coming at them from different players. It's great to have players that can shoot. It takes away that feeling of, I can't pass to this person because they have a weakness. Everyone is strong in every ability," said Braly.

Braly's fourth goal of the night was her most impressive. She worked the Prescott defense and dribbled laterally moving to the left beyond the 18. Without hesitation, she ripped a left-footed shot like a cannon.

It was hard to recognize Braly utilized her non-dominant leg because the shot was so powerful and accurate.

The final goal of the match came from Gabi Guerrero. She stands out on the field because she's so strong. Her legs are like tree trunks and her shots on goal come off her feet on a rope.

"Scoring wise we got on a roll," said Mingus head coach Buddy Rhodes. "The girls did very well and our defense was solid. I can't say enough good things about our back four. Cortlin Sandoval, Anna Guerrero, Alex Pee, and Delaney Scanlan are just stellar. Ashley Makuch has worked her way into the starting lineup playing exceptionally. She had to play defense and she did well, and she played well on the outside mid too. I'm very happy with all of them. Our inside mids, MacKenzie Mabery and Nataly Escamilla, are just taking over the middle of the field against most of the teams we're playing. Prescott tried to play a 4-3-3 against us and out two beat their three."

Mingus is currently playing in a several-day tournament down in the valley called the Sun Valley Classic at Copper Canyon HS. They'll get to play some Division I schools like Tolleson, Westview, and Maryvale.