Thu, May 23

Letter: Arizonans stupidly work against their own best interest


You have to love Arizona. It is a Right to Work [for less] State that used the Taft-Hartley Act to establish itself as an anti-union State wherein workers find it virtually impossible to unionize to negotiate wages, working conditions, and health and welfare benefits with employers.

Ironically, though Arizona is overtly anti-union, workers in Arizona benefit from the efforts of unions to achieve safe working conditions; fair wages; decent working hours; health and welfare benefits; workers’ compensation for injuries on the job; unemployment compensation and vacation and overtime pay.

If you are an employer in Arizona, you have to appreciate the irony of being able to effectively prevent workers from unionizing while simultaneously having your workers trash unions.

As an employer, this allows you to exploit your workers without worrying about dealing with all of the cumbersome “burdens” that unions cause you.

It has always fascinated me how utterly stupid Arizona workers are when it comes to their own self-interest as workers. They prefer to toil away with wages and benefits that are far less than their unionized counterparts in other States in America all the while trashing those union workers because they have demonstrated the courage they lack in collectively dealing with far more powerful and stronger employers.

Such behavior, acting against ones own self-interest, is endemic to Arizona. It not only manifests as anti-unionism, it manifests as ideological support for a corporatist [fascist] political party, the GOP, that undermines every democratic principle that those self-same workers claim devotion to and allegiance for under our constitutional democracy.

It is truly bizarre to witness this continuing destructive behavior by workers in Arizona who stupidly work against their own best interest not only in the workplace but in the political arena, too.

John A. Bond