Letter: American hypocrisy prevents any meaningful dialogue


I encountered a very interesting statistic the other day.

As the price of gasoline moves towards $4 per gallon in Arizona [it is already $4.29 in California] and heads towards $5 per gallon nationwide $6 in Florida], the number one manufactured export in America is GASOLINE!

I had occasion to speak with a computer technician in the Philippines. I asked him the cost per gallon of gasoline in that country. He said, “$1.11 per gallon. How much is it in America?”

I told him that here in America, depending upon which state you live in, the price fluctuates from $3.50 to $4.29 per gallon.”

He said, “Well, in America you are so wealthy that you can afford to pay that price for gasoline. It must be nice to be so wealthy.”

America imports oil from foreign countries; refines it here in refineries and then America exports gasoline from our refineries back overseas to countries like the Philippines.

Meanwhile, here in America, the heavily subsidized multi-national oil cartels extract more and more profit from the windfall of escalating oil prices caused by the drumbeat of war against Iran.

The multinational oil cartels urge the American Military Industrial Complex [MIC] towards war with Iran and extract billions of dollars in excess profit from the threat of war in the Middle East.

Iran, like its neighbor, Iraq, has no nuclear weapons to deter such a war [as does North Korea], but it does have something America thirsts after OIL!

So, as the corporate media [the propaganda arm of the MIC] urges everyone to support a war against Iran, with their bogus opinion polls claiming majority support for a war against Iran by the American people.

Get ready for more rhetoric about a giant “mushroom cloud” and talk of WMD’s, to silence any dissent amongst the American people against a war with Iran.

America is the 21st century equivalent of the Roman Empire, and Rome sustained itself with endless wars in conquest of other countries to fuel its power and sustain itself as an empire.

The Roman Empire fell victim to GREED [Get Rich Eviscerating Everything Democratic] as too, will America and all that is left is decay, destruction and despair for the people.

The difference this time is that nine nations possess nuclear weapons and the capability exists for the first time in recorded history for all of humanity to fall victim to nuclear destruction.

President Obama is quoted, “I do not bluff!” in reference to his threat to do whatever necessary to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon.

This means of course he too, is beating the drums of war with Iran.

Meanwhile, murderous regimes all over the Middle East in Syria, Egypt, etc., murder their people with seeming impunity. Saudi Arabia is a brutal dictatorship with something we covet, OIL!

Iran has OIL, too, and the oil cartel covets that oil and wants it.

Is America prepared to attack Iran killing potentially millions of innocent Iranian men, women and children whose only crime is to have been born in a country with an abundance of oil that the Military Industrial Complex covets for itself in its insatiable thirst for profit motivated by GREED [Get Rich Eviscerating Everything Democratic]?

Collectively, will the American people allow their fear to prevent them from effective opposition to the murder of people in a country half a world away whose crime is we want their oil?

These are profound questions that need to be addressed but American hypocrisy prevents any meaningful dialogue with a prostituted congress that is controlled by corporate [fascist] multi-national interests whose tentacles stretch globally to engulf the entire world it the madness. of using war to build a global empire for the wealthy elite that is transnational in scope and supersedes national boundaries.

And the beat goes on, and on, and on with war seemingly being the only path open to America.

John A. Bond



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