Fri, May 24

Photographer speaks on creative emergence at Goldenstein Gallery
Shane McDermott

Fine Art photographer Shane McDermott will be giving a free talk "Integral Art and the Field of Creative Emergence" on Friday, May 18th at 6:30 p.m. at Goldenstein Gallery in uptown Sedona. A renowned landscape photographer and Certified Integral Coach, McDermott will share his thoughts about creativity. He has been a Kriya Yoga practitioner and meditation teacher for 17 years. As a photographer his work has been featured in Arizona Highways numerous times including their groundbreaking "50 Best Photos" issue.

What is it exactly that informs the immense creativity of great artists?  And how is it these visionaries help to define and show the world the next wave of human potential? Explored through the wisdom of Integral Philosophy and our great contemplative traditions, Shane will first clearly define the four primary dimensions of reality, and how these dimensions shape the human experience of creativity. 

However, where the real intrigue lies, is how the common experience of reality differs for great artists.  How is it they are able to access the mysterious space of creative emergence, when the majority of others are unable to?  Lastly, we will explore the concept of Integral Art and it's conscious creation.

 Last December, Shane McDermott's stunning image, "Heaven and Earth," was selected by Arizona Highways Magazine as one of the 50 Best photos of all time. This is not the first time his work has been recognized by Arizona Highways. His photos were featured in the July issue and another photo of his graced the August cover of the iconic magazine.

He first discovered nature photography while on safari in Africa during the summer of 2004.  It was these first experiences behind the camera that captured his heart and imagination, igniting a deep passion and desire to learn and master the craft of photography.  HIs fascination with nature, felt like it had deep and distant roots reaching back his early childhood days.  Countless hours as a youngster were spent either in nature, or drawing images of nature and wildlife.  With his discovery of photography, it seemed to be the perfect creative opportunity to rekindle and re-imagine his lifelong love and relationship to the natural world.

  McDermott strives to push both the edges of his art and capacities to see and relate to the natural world in extraordinary and meaningful ways.  He invites viewers to join him on a journey of celebration and discovery, exploring our planets endless wonders of life and beauty. Through each fleeting moment and epic expression of nature, he hopes to stir the emotions and imaginations of all who see his images, inspiring them to step up and step out into the fascinating and quickly vanishing world of nature.

 Professionally McDermott has been recognized and acclaimed as one of the most innovative up and coming photographers of his era.  His evocative images can be seen at Goldenstein Gallery in Uptown Sedona.

Goldenstein Gallery is known for its diversity of world-renowned local and regional artists in all media and styles. Believing that art is a living breathing experience, the gallery regularly hosts a wide range of stimulating events. Through their commitment to enhance their client's lives they have become a name synonymous with style and innovation.

Goldenstein Gallery is located at 390 N. 89A in uptown Sedona and is open daily with ample parking available behind the gallery. Please find them on Facebook or call (928) 204-1765 for information about artists, artwork, exhibitions and events.