Mon, May 20

Going back

... not something we can really do, but I took a trip back in time to February 2001 going through some of my early digital photos. Corky and I stayed on the beach in Huntington Beach in our then new motorhome. Travel by that time had become exceedingly difficult with all the stuff we needed for her so we ordered a custom Class A 30 ' motorhome from Winnebago and it was made to specs for Corky so that she could function in it and we could once again travel. Travel we did and it worked for her for over five years before her MS caught up with the design of the motorhome and we sold it to another family who had MS and as far as I know it is still working for them. Corky and I spent twenty five years in Huntington Beach and our girls spent a lot of time on these beaches with Corky and once in a while me when they were young. I took this shot with a Nikon Cool Pix 950 and if memory serves me it was a one megapixel sensor. It took good shots and by today's standards likely not as good as the cameras in inexpensive cell phones ... and it cost nearly a thousand dollars. I'm glad I made the switch to digital back then and the photos are not bad ... it is still the person who is looking through the viewfinder. Palos Verdes is visible on the left horizon and to the right of it you can see some of the buildings in Long Beach. Still love the ocean, miss it and wonderful that I get to go back and visit it once in a while. Sedona is home now.

A very good day for us today and the major event was a trip to the doctor ... we are still breathing so it was a successful day. A quick stop at Zanies for frozen yogurt and then home. Q had a couple of outings and he is curled up in a basket on the display case in the front hall ... time for me to follow his lead as the coffee is ground and brewed in less than four hours. We're into the weekend, enjoy each moment. Back Monday morning.