Sun, May 26

Letter: The trap will be set in November


Where I was raised in a Midwest farming community, everyone had livestock, like cows, pigs and some chickens. Also they would plant gardens to put food on the table.

My wife, who is also a Midwest farm girl, and I thought maybe we should get some chickens so we wouldn’t be completely dependent on Bashas’ grocery store for all our food.

For two years, everything was going fine. I would brag how I never lost a chicken because we had our automatic chicken door on the chicken coop. The door has a daylight-to-dark sensor. At dark, the door closes and at daybreak the door opens up. The chickens were very safe as long as they were in the chicken house before dark.

The old chickens were getting old so it was time to think about getting 15 more chickens to replace them. I built a new little chicken coop with its own automatic chicken door. Everything was going fine until I transferred them into their new living quarters. I forgot to trim their wings. They preferred roosting in the trees instead of going in their safe chicken coop with the expensive automatic chicken door. Well, since I couldn’t catch the little chickens, I thought maybe they would be OK high up in the trees at night! After all, I hadn’t lost a chicken to a varmint yet!

One beautiful sunny morning, I go out to feed and check on my chickens. The old chickens were fine and happy. I check on the younger ones and found one of the big ones dead with her head chewed off. I found out from other chicken experts that it’s a raccoon that just eats the heads. Very wasteful, I thought! Two nights later, another fat chicken on the ground with his head gone. By this time, I was very concerned so I set a live trap to catch the varmints.

To make a long story short, I caught two raccoons, one fox, two house cats and one skunk. I took the raccoons five miles away and turned them loose. The fox I took 15 miles away and the cats I scared so bad I don’t think I will ever see them again! I shot the skunk.

Now two of the chickens flew from the trees over into the neighbor’s yard and his dog ate them. All in all, I had lost five chickens all because they couldn’t see the danger of roosting in the trees instead of going into their safe chicken coop with the expensive automatic chicken door.

As I observe my chickens, I see some things they do that humans do. Some are very independent, some are downright mean and some will let you pet them, etc. So as I think about the safety of my chickens, how about my safety, my family’s safety, my neighbor’s safety, and my country’s safety?

Well, our founding fathers who understood the value of freedom and how easy people can lose it, wrote the documents called the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, to set the guidelines for our freedom. Also the separation of powers, the House, the Senate and Judicial System. This was all to keep the government in check. These are some God-given safety doors to enable us to keep our freedom. Let’s don’t be roosting in the trees thinking we are safe. The varmints are out there at the very door, trying to take our freedoms little by little.

If the leaders of our nation forget their main job is to keep us safe by providing a strong military and protecting our borders and keep our God-given Constitution and Bill of Rights intact, the God help us!

Sometimes I feel the varmints are already in the chicken house and they or we have given them control of the door and the door is open all night long. The varmints think they are in control. Well, they are not! The One in control is the owner of the chicken coop and the whole chicken yard. That would be God. When the chickens turn their back on their owner, he will allow the varmints to come in the chicken yard and find the chickens not in a safe place and the foxes, raccoons and skunks. Those varmints will kill the chickens and eat all the eggs.

I do see some hope, if the chickens (that would be us) repent. The owner of the chicken house and chicken yard will set a trap and catch those varmints and they will not be able to take our freedom away from us again.

That trap will be set in November. I hope the right varmints will be caught and cast out in outer darkness. May God help us!

David R. Beeler

Camp Verde