Thu, May 23


... is everywhere as the foliage begins to turn at increasingly lower elevations. I took this shot this afternoon after reshooting a project I had done a couple of weeks ago at the top of Oak Creek Canyon; specifically the switchbacks where SR 89A climbs out of the canyon through a series of switchbacks up a very steep rock face. The canyon splits one fork to the east and one to the west. In this photo the switchbacks are about a half mile behind me down and out the bottom of this photo. The color in this narrow branch of the canyon was very vivid in the last half hour that the sun would illuminate them on Tuesday. After spending about twenty minutes in the area I headed back up to the peaks and beyond an was disappointed to see that the colors were all but gone in the caldera of the peaks.

There was no lift to speak of so as I left the peaks and headed back towards Sedona I began climbing from about twelve thousand feet to something over fifteen thousand feet so I could get another shoot that had been requested ... got some pretty cool shots showing the beauty of the patterns in the terrain. Maybe send one of those out tomorrow night. After I finished the shoot I turned the engine off and had a delightful sled ride back down over about a forty five minute period before landing ... still have not got it down where I have enough energy to make it back into the tie down area without turning the engine back on but am working on it.

A wonderful day now completed and another one on tap ... first some sleep.