Fri, May 24

1897: VERDE NEWS; October 23, 1897.


"The following is a report of the Cottonwood public school for the month ending October 15, 1897:"

"Enrollment 31, average daily attendance 27, per cent of attendance 98.1."

"Roll of Honor --- Edith Strahan, Mamie Ricker, Maude Ricker, Emma Grimes, Edith Whittaker, Bertha Farley, Emily McCall, Clyde Ricker, Dave Strahan, Bertie Van Daren, Edgar Ricker, Fred Whittaker, Leota McCall, Oliver Grimes."

"The roll of honor contains the names of those pupils who have been neither absent nor tardy during the month."

"Friends and parents are cordially invited to call and inspect our work. I also ask their co-operation in securing a prompt regular attendance, without which it is impossible for the pupils to acquire the knowledge placed before them."

"Cottonwood is to be congratulated upon her board of trustees, whose members are doing everything in their power to promote educational interests of the district."

"Kathryn L. Rillay."

"Charles Hollingshead and Jim Willard of the Verde Valley, raced their horse Fox against a Colorado horse in Flagstaff this week, winning with "hands down," as the boys say. The race was for $300 aside."

"Pioneer Godfrey Van Deren, of Cottonwood, who came to the Verde Valley many years ago, raised a good family and flourished meanwhile financially, has been back to his old Missouri home after an absence of thirty-four years."

"F. Mickel, the hustling Jerome milkman, is in the Salt River Valley purchasing cows for his dairy."

"A young man named H. E. Wilson, who for some time had been employed at Hull's saw mill on Mingus mountain, died there on the morning of the 19th, and was buried near the mill. His mother lives in Valencia, Kansas."

"The Italian who attempted to dismember himself sometime ago, and who has been at the hospital since that time, has recovered his reason, and will soon be able to go to work again, his wounds having almost entirely healed."

"Neff & Co. have signed the lease for Mrs. Boyd's new hotel, and will open same to the public next week. The hotel will be known as the St. Charles, named in honor of Charles Hooker of the St. Elmo of this camp. The hotel will be under the management of two ladies who have had years of experience in the hotel business."

(Arizona Mining News; Jerome; Saturday, October 23, 1897.)