Tue, May 21


... and so our neighborhood bobcat left our deck after simply coming up for a little visit ... I was out on the deck with Q, typing a text message to a friend around 6:30P and I heard Q start to growl; I followed his gaze and there was the magnificent Lo V coming up on the deck for a little visit and probably a drink. He had no malice, simply a desire to make friends with Q and me. As I reached for my camera Q decided he was not going to share his home with the visitor and charged Lo V who reluctantly headed back down the ramp as Q continued his pursuit chasing him up the side of the house and out into the street. Q stopped at the driveway, but both Lo V and I kept going. I took this shot in a neighbor's yard and shortly after I took this we both sat down and had a little visit from a distance of about fifteen feet ... and more photos. Lo V is not a large cat and weighs perhaps twenty pounds. After another five minutes or so it was time for me to get back to Q and for Lo V to find some dinner and shelter for the night. There are few creatures that are as elegant as bobcats and we are blessed to always have one around. "Lo" is Swedish for bobcat and the V is because he is the fifth one to have us in his territory since we moved here. I do have photos of Q charging Lo V, but they are a little blurry ,,, things were happening fast and I had to lose my Droid X2, grab the camera and get Lo V in the viewfinder and hope I had the settings right.

It was a good day, some law, some photos and visits with friends. A quiet evening and time to do a wrap. Hope your day was good and someone looked at you and smiled ...

Cheers ... blessings ... enjoy life