Sat, May 25

Letter: Tax free foundations, foreign aid and the United Nations


Whenever anyone mentions the nation’s “give-away programs,” the focus is generally brought to the seemingly endless “feeding the poor and underprivileged.”

Worldwide, and in this country, disaster relief, and similar benevolent, although arguably unconstitutional activities, that can and have been cussed and discussed with no end in sight. This letter is to focus on three fiscal irregularities that dwarf all of the aforementioned “give-away deals.”

The three are: Tax Free Foundations, Foreign Aid and the United Nations, mostly these have a cover of legitimacy; through deceptive representation. An overview One by one:

• Tax Free Foundations – were set up to allow the supposed “super intelligent” extremely wealthy individuals to maintain control of their massive personal wealth without the burden of having to “pay taxes” like common citizens. It also helps if they, as most of them do, support projects and people that are anti-free market and promote a one-world socialistic government often called the “New World Order.” The taxes evade collectively in these over the years would be staggering if it can even be calculated at this point in time. It is amazing how many of those that have and administer their tax-free foundations, claim support for equality, the hypocrites.

• Foreign Aid – is a vain attempt to buy that which is not for sale. You cannot buy respect, I do not care who you are or how much personal and other people’s money, you are able to throw around; you can probably buy some loyalty even though it may be very shallow and insincere. A massive amount of the aid we have sent to Foreign Nations has been to countries that have leaders and often a majority of the population that hate the United States, our freedom (even the little that we still have) our Constitution and our history; those countries have no intention of ever repaying our taxpayers in any way shape or form and furthermore they will use the aid money and material to inflict harm to our military and our citizens whenever they think it is practical; and our idiot politicians just keep sending more and more. The worst part is that we are stupid enough to keep re-electing them.

• The United Nations is the biggest, the most deceptive, and by far the most dangerous of them all. The UN is like what would be a creature with many tentacles that reaches into every aspect of our lives with a myriad of deceptive schemes that are intentionally designed to limit or totally remove from the entire world; the simple rights for people to live free of tyrannical and oppressive governments. One of the most notable characteristics of this multi-tentacle creature is its ability to reach both directions at the same time, so it can manipulate the government, while it indoctrinates the general public into believing that it is in their best interest to give-up their freedom for the hope of security. All this while this “creature” is not too secretly preparing to make slaves (physically and intellectually) out of the world’s population; all to be administered by a small cadre of super-wealthy elitists.

The myriad of deceptive schemes involves, but is not limited to, UNESCO, UNESEF, IMF, ILO, World Banks, Common Core and Agenda 21 and this just scratches the surface. If you attended public school as I did after 1920 you have been at least somewhat brainwashed and it is getting rapidly worse. If I had any children in public school today I would be ready or trying whatever possible to remove them from it as soon as they implement “Common Core,” (hi-tech slavery), which most of them will do in the very near future.

It has been said, “there is no fool, like a highly educated fool,” and with most of the prominent and notable universities having been infiltrated with totalitarian instructors we really should expect exactly what we are getting.

Dale Gohr