Tue, May 21

Clarkdale Considers Cell Tower Ordinance

CLARKDALE - During the past three months, the Clarkdale Planning Commission and Clarkdale Council have been holding public meetings to discuss the adoption of a Wireless Communication Facilities Ordinance , to regulate "cell towers." Since the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) requires that the Town have at least one district where these facilities are allowed, and the Town has had several inquiries from companies who are interested in siting towers, the Town must move forward to adopt regulations.

During their June 11 meeting, the Town Council directed the staff to schedule final consideration of the ordinance at the July 9 Council meeting.  The ordinance, as currently drafted, includes the following highlights:

Prohibits wireless facilities in Residential Zoning districts;

Allows wireless facilities, with up to 50' towers, in Commercial and Industrial Zoning Districts with a Conditional Use Permit;  with the following exception: Prohibits such facilities in the Highway 89A Overlay District due to the impacts on viewshed; Establishes an area within an existing Industrial Zoning District (near the historic Clarkdale Smelter site) where towers with a maximum 200 foot height would be allowed; Requires Public Hearings at the Planning Commission and Town Council for any Wireless Communications Facilities Conditional Use Permit applications.

The next meeting on this issue will be held on Tuesday, July 9, at 6:00 p.m. in the Men's Lounge of the Clark Memorial Clubhouse, 19 N. Ninth St., in Clarkdale.  At that time, the Town Council will be scheduled to consider adoption of the ordinance at this meeting.  For more information about the proposed Wireless Communication Facilities Ordinance, or to get a copy of the draft ordinance, contact Senior Planner Beth Escobar at (928) 639-2500 or email mail to: