Sun, May 26

Two top sheriff's officers resign

Capt. Marc Schmidt, left, and Sgt. Bill Suttle, right, were reportedly present during the December "Iron Brotherhood" bar fight.

Capt. Marc Schmidt, left, and Sgt. Bill Suttle, right, were reportedly present during the December "Iron Brotherhood" bar fight.

PRESCOTT - Two high-ranking members of the Yavapai County Sheriff's Office, both of whom were members of a law enforcement motorcycle club and were reportedly present at a December fight in a Prescott bar, have resigned from the department, a YCSO spokesman confirmed Monday.

Sgt. Bill Suttle, the former Partners Against Narcotics Trafficking unit commander, and Capt. Marc Schmidt, a member of the sheriff's executive staff, resigned Monday, YCSO spokesman Dwight D'Evelyn said.

D'Evelyn said he could not say why either man resigned. Sheriff Scott Mascher is out of town, he said, and they gave their notice to Chief Deputy John Russell on Monday morning. D'Evelyn said they "submitted applications for voluntary resignations with intent to apply for retirement."

Suttle was placed on paid administrative leave in February while other agencies investigated his role in a Dec. 22 bar fight at Moctezuma's, in which members of the Iron Brotherhood are accused of assaulting a civilian, who was injured in the incident. Suttle was replaced as commander of PANT by YCSO Lt. Dan Raiss.

A Prescott police report said Suttle told investigating officers that Prescott Deputy Police Chief Andy Reinhardt was in the bar at the time, "but I want him left out of this."

"We knew you guys were going to show up," Suttle said, according to the report. "They told me you were coming, so I told Andy to go home."

Suttle also told the man who allegedly began the scuffle to go to the club's hotel. He identified the man only as "Top Gun," the report said, and denied knowing Top Gun's real name.

Schmidt joined YCSO in 1988 as a detentions officer. He was promoted to captain in 2012, had supervised field operations, worked in the forest patrol, and the special weapons and tactical team.

Schmidt is mentioned in the police report as being a member of the Iron Brotherhood, and the officer writing the report said he saw Schmidt briefly at the bar but didn't get a chance to talk with him. It's unclear what, if any, role he may have played in the incident.

Schmidt and Suttle were among the highest-paid personnel at YCSO. Suttle's salary was just under $70,000; Schmidt's was $78,000.

The Arizona Department of Public Safety and Coconino County Sheriff's Office are separately investigating the incident, and D'Evelyn said those reports are not yet completed.

A spokesman for DPS has told The Daily Courier that agency's report may be complete by the end of March.