Letter: Government Scandals and non-answers


TV the past couple of days has been most entertaining; not watching Cartoons, Soap Operas’ or anything like that, the truly entertaining aspects have been in the “News” especially in the Congressional Investigations; mainly focused into three explosive scandals:

• Benghazi: The cover-up over the attack and Murder of Glen Doherty, Sean Smith, Ambassador Chris Stevens and Tyrone Woods; in which supposedly no one is responsible for the “Botched Security”, the lack of “Military Response” and some things that bother me, that don’t get much attention; the “Delays, the Inefficiency and the Incomplete Criminal Investigation by the FBI.

• IRS: The dodging and lack of Responsibility for the inappropriate activities involving the IRS 501 c 4 applications; targeting organizations like “Tea Party Groups” that support or reject issues on “Ideological Grounds” not “Politicians.”

• Associated Press: The illegal activities of the FBI in accessing the records of the AP personnel without due process of the Law.

The entertainment started with the apparently “Contagious Dementia or Alzheimer’s”, because of the continued claim that resonated loud and clear; up and down the gauntlet from the President down to the lowest level participants in each “Scandal” and back up the ladder; right back within arms’ length of the President: The “I Don’t Know”, “I Don’t remember”, “I read about it in the Newspaper”, statements were regurgitated at every level.

With President Obama, Holder and Department Heads saying “I Don’t Know”, so many times, that while listening, I was thinking why not ask: Who in the White House / Department of Justice or wherever; “Does Know” what goes on there?” It reminded me of a cartoon that I saw long ago; shown was a man standing in front of a Receptionist’s desk and the caption was; “Do you want to see the ‘Man in charge’ or the ‘Woman that knows what goes on’ around here”. If Dementia isn’t “Contagious” why does memory loss run amuck through these people, that have been exposed to the arrogant attitude and hubristic egomania of the “Obama Dynasty?”

The mantra hasn’t changed much; and at least one participant has some previous experience in the Court Ordered testimonies of Former President Bill Clinton and the “1st Lady” Hillary Clinton. Hillary’s answer to any significant question about the “Rose Law Firm Records” was “I don’t Recall” and even though the “Arkansas BAR Association” revoked Bill Clinton’s License as an Attorney I think it was for “Lying under Oath” and ethics violations; poor guy, he had trouble keeping track of his tool. If you believe that any of these “Bureaucrats” are trying to actually “Get to the Truth” about these scandals; you have a problem.

President Obama told the Ohio Students to ignore, those voices that claim they should not trust the Government. What he told them to do would be exactly the opposite of what the “Framers of Our Nations’ Constitution” repeatedly said and wrote; James Madison, Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton and others “Staunchly Warned” us that we need to be watchful of “Overzealous Leaders” in the government (Including themselves). That is why everything they set up was intentionally designed to “Decentralize the Seat of Power”. In 1913 the 16th (including 501 c) and 17th Amendments to the Constitution were ratified and destroyed a lot of the “Checks and Balances” that were included to “Keep the Federal Government from becoming Tyrannical,” but as long as we can keep intact, the first 10 Amendments (The Bill of Rights) we still have hope; however the current Administration has redoubled past efforts to destroy especially the 2nd, 1st, and 10th Amendments and if we allow these amendments to be subjugated we and our whole nation will lose; bigtime.

Dale Gohr



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