Fri, May 24

Clarkdale to discuss Wireless Ordinance

CLARKDALE -- On June 11, the Clarkdale Town Council will begin discussing a proposed Wireless Communication Facilities Ordinance. This new regulation will establish Wireless Communication Facilities as a conditional use in the Town's commercial and industrial zoning districts. As a conditional use, all applications for wireless facilities would be required to complete a conditional use permit application. Conditional use permit applications are reviewed in public hearing by the Clarkdale Planning Commission and Town Council.

The draft ordinance is proposing that the maximum allowable height for cell towers in these districts be 50 feet, except for the industrial area north of the railroad station. In this area, the ordinance is proposing to allow a maximum height for cell towers of 200 feet. In addition, the draft ordinance prohibits the placement of facilities within the 89A Corridor Commercial Overlay District, a 500-foot wide buffer area along SR 89A from Cottonwood to the Clarkdale Parkway roundabout.

The Federal Communication Commission establishes the rules for Wireless Communication Facilities. The FCC reviews all new applications for cell towers and is the only government body allowed to determine the health and safety impacts of wireless facilities. Clarkdale's ordinance would bring the Town into compliance with FCC regulations and provide guidelines for wireless communications providers.

Members of the public are encouraged to provide comments regarding the proposed ordinance by attending the Town Council meeting on June 11, 2013. Copies of the proposed ordinance are available at the Community Development Department at 890 Main. Digital copies of the proposed ordinance are available upon request. Contact the Community Development Department at (928) 639-2500 for additional information.

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