Sat, May 25

The view from Sycamore Canyon

From the SW looking NE; this is your orientation for this shot and from about 8,000' msl and S and W of Sycamore Canyon. The Verde River flows from below center and left side to lower right and the Verde Canyon Train ride that Cork and I took in early October runs along the river. Mid image on the left you have the terminus of the Colorado Plateau where it breaks off into the Verde Valley ... then about center image you have the entrance to Sycamore Canyon and right of that Casner Mountain and then the edge of (am I thinking cars?) the plateau again and Sedona is on the very right side. Up on the plateau from right to left you have Mormon Mountain, Mt Elden, San Francisco Peaks and Kendrick Peak. Three storm cells are visible and they were roving around dumping a lot of water. This is the norm for monsoon storms, getting cells of five to ten miles in diameter moving around dropping their load of water in small areas. Makes for a lot of beauty when you are flying ... not bad from the ground either.

Lots of work around our home today; finished the carpets and moved some paintings and photographs around to different rooms and One supervised the operations from up on the valences and display cases. By evening I had moved to the garage and getting the van ready to leave and should have word on the Ford Edge I "built" on the Ford website by tomorrow. This will be the first non-van vehicle in about twenty five years. Annika will be very pleased with it methinks. Ted (her dad) said that if she can count ten thousand Edges when they are out driving, he will buy her one. She is at around three hundred in only a month and Ted and Sus are cheating by putting restrictions on the counts and trying to subtract from her total if they see one. I shall represent you Annika, don't worry, the original agreement will be honored - shame on you guys :+) Go Annika ... maybe if we all count for her and give her our totals that will work? Fun stuff.

Another quiet day coming up, but I will be working on images and stuff. I honestly do not know if I am going to be able to answer all the wonderful emails that you have sent me ... I seem to be going backwards getting more than I reply to every day. Please know that I read each and every one, I am sharing them with our daughters, my brother and Corky's brother. They are appreciated and mean more than I can express. Thank you!!! And thank you for all the donations to the NMSS and Church of the Red Rocks ... about $3,000.00 total. Wow!!!

Time to wrap it for the night. Hope you had a terrific day and that this will be a good one too. Share a smile or five and look for the beauty around you ... even a backlit leaf can take you into new worlds when you look closely at its fractal like structure.



The green of all the fields is mine, the stars, the night, the wind at play,

A peaceful heart, while quietly

I go my way

Max Ehrmann