Mon, June 24

From Humphreys Peak to Snow Bowl and back several times

A little fun... after doing a requested shoot in the Verde Valley area I headed N to my favorite playground the San Francisco Peaks. Got some specialty shots I have been after for a while and then idled the engine and played in the upslope lift (orographic lift) in front of the peaks. Stayed between 11,000' and 11,600' and worked the whole west slope from Humphreys Peak to Snow Bowl and back several times and took this shot on one of the runs. Winds were relatively quiet near the surface in Sedona, but in the mid twenty knot range at the peaks and the direction was such that good lift was generated. I would have turned the engine off, but the top of the forecast convection lift was only around 8500' and at the peaks it would be doubtful if I could make Flagstaff airport if I did not get an engine restart ... so I got to play in good upslope lift without worrying about lift beyond what I had. Love that Lambada!

Corky had friends over this afternoon and tomorrow Ted, Sus and Annika come for a several day visit. The Grand Canyon from the ground is on the agenda and looks like the air quality might still be pretty good over the weekend. Have a great day and we're into the weekend ... the motherboard change out is delayed for a few days ... more fun to go fly and visit with family.

Back on Monday, have some fun and



For life holds cheers as well as tears,

Take this old toast from me:

This world a riddle hard you call ...

A mess from which you fain would shrink?

Perhaps 'tis wisdom, all in all.

To learn to laugh as well as think.

Max Ehrmann