Thu, May 23

Have you had your pizza fix lately?

Owners of newly opened Stargate Productions, right around the corner from Pisa Lisa's. Marie Captain and Lisa Jordan enjoy meatless Pizza Blanca.

Owners of newly opened Stargate Productions, right around the corner from Pisa Lisa's. Marie Captain and Lisa Jordan enjoy meatless Pizza Blanca.

The Dunnery has once again gone on a pizza binge. Three new establishments caught our interest: Pisa Lisa's in West Sedona (our first visit since opening), Sedona Pizza Company (Uptown) and Bocce's (Cottonwood.)

Because these three restaurants have wood-fired pizzas (brick or steel oven), and offer Neapolitan styled pizzas (thin crust, around 12 inches and limited toppings) they are able to produce a baked pizza in a very short time. The chefs especially want us to enjoy their version of crust and sauce along with the ambiance of their establishments.

This month we also enjoyed carry out pizzas from our good VOC friends at MarketPlace Café (MPC) 928-284-5478 in the Outlet Mall and Famous Pizza in Bell Rock Plaza 928-284-3804 (also locations on 89A in West Sedona and in Camp Verde.)

The online menus allowed us to pre-select our combination of toppings and we were happy to know we could order variations. Both places deliver, but we're close enough to pick up. As we mentioned before, Jeff likes a meatier pizza whereas Suzie opts for vegetables. We both like lots of cheese. Both thin crust pizzas were tasty, a good value and we had a couple leftover slices for the following day. Ahh-leftover pizza!

Sedona Pizza Company offers pizza, salads and craft beer. It opened in August in Uptown and has generous seating both inside and out, in a fenced off sidewalk area with umbrella tables. Piped music invites walk-by patrons.

We found the quietest area nearest the oven and prep area and were struck by the huge red Mount Vesuvius Clay Oven. Mark May, the chef, spent some time with us, pointing out the visibly shelved high quality ingredients: Fifty pound bags of Antonio Caputo 009 flour and Sam Marzano tomatoes, grown in Naples. Just a touch of sea salt and nothing more is added to the tomatoes to create pizza sauce.

Employee Stephen told us that originally heating the oven took 14 days and now was kept somewhat heated at all times. Daily to get the temperature to 900 degrees, it takes two hours.

A Neapolitan style pizza bakes in a mere 90 seconds. Wow! We selected the Pepperoni Pizza ($17) made with tomato, fresh mozzarella and pecorino cheese. We added "Farm" toppings at $2 each: red pepper, mushroom and red onion. The crust was thin, the sauce delicious. We each had a Peroni tap beer and left satisfied. Open 11-9 pm daily, at 320 89A (Sacajawea Plaza-ample parking in back)928-203-5656

The name Bocce got us excited even before we went, as it conjured up memories of the game we first learned from the Italians in Milwaukee. The night we went to Cottonwood, Main Street was closed off because of the street fair.

Directed to the back street, we were delighted to find that the location of Pizzeria Bocce Patio Bar was on the corner of Main as you turn toward Clarkdale. Ample street parking is available near this former collision repair shop. Eric and Michelle Juerisin of The Haunted Group, have hit on a good thing.

Spacious indoor and outdoor seating, large windows to see what's going on on Main, an inviting triangular table built outside around a fire pit and a Bocce court work out wonderfully for this restaurant. Inside the walls are decorated with great murals of the corner as it existed in the 1920s.

Our waiter talked us into a Fork and Knife Caesar salad ($8) with anchovies, upon request at no extra cost. The tasty salad was just right for two. Our pizza, the Meat Pie ($14), consisted of tomato sauce (from CA tomatoes), in-house crafted Italian sausage, pepperoni, prosciutto, soppressata (dry cured sausage) and Bocce hand-stretched mozzarella ($14).

Spicy, it was. Bill Zieman, the manager, told us that Michelle, herself, now a certified pizza maker, makes the crust from Caputo flour and "pulls" the mozzarella daily. Hours for food service are 4-10 pm daily. 928-202-3597

Pisa Lisa 928-282-5472 at 2245 W. Hwy 89A (at Shelby) continues to tweak itself into a fine dine-in take-out emporium. Hours are from 11:30-close except on Sunday when it opens at noon. When you enter, it's hard to pass by the glass display of exquisite baked goods without trying one.

Mid-afternoon, after hiking, with strong appetites for pizza and beer we were on a mission. Resist the always delicious salads, soup and desserts!

We selected the "Dorothy" pizza ($16) -- a nice combination of the Mother Sauce, provolone/mozzarella cheese, a sprinkling of Calabrese sausage and parmesan-reggiano cheese. Grated Parmesan, chile pequins, salt and pepper in small ramekins accompanied the pizza.

This pizza differed from our first experience, as there was much more to it - less uncovered edge. More than satisflying- we took two slices home.

Many thanks to the proprietors and staff of our pizza haunts. There seems to be no limit to the types and availability of this tasty food -- have you had your fix lately?

To Your Health and Happiness,

Jeff and Suzie at The Dunnery