Fri, May 24

Welcome, thank-you, good-bye to our VOCA Board Members

Gwen Hanna

Gwen Hanna

As usual, there is always something happening at the Village of Oakcreek Association and in April, we finished our election process for this year.

We would like to thank all the VOCA citizens who cast their ballots. All of our measures were passed, and congratulations to our two new board members, Barb Gordon and Rob Schaefer. Barb's previous experience as past president/board member of a number of non-profit organizations, and her history with VOCA since 1994 will be of benefit.

Both Barb and Rob have experience working with or for corporations, and the additional business background they bring will add yet another layer of knowledge to the board. With all of our combined proficiencies, legal was the area where we lacked depth of expertise and so it is of particular advantage for us to have Rob whose career spanned the legal field as both an attorney in the Air Force, and in corporations.

As a board, we now have proficiency in business, legal, finance, HR, for organizations both profit and non-profit, with specializations in a variety of disciplines.

But as the two new members come on board (pun intended), I would like to acknowledge why I appreciate being part of this current team. They have collectively and personally contributed in order to help me to better serve as President.

At the forefront of my gratitude is that, as a board, we may not all agree, but once we have our spirited discussions, we speak as one voice.

There are no side conversations, personal agendas, or backdoor negotiations that could derail the decided course. To that end, to say that I appreciate the trust and alliance we've built would be an understatement.

After the departure of the General Manager, each of us, have temporarily assumed additional responsibilities, while we seek a longer-term solution. Throughout this transition, the time and commitment from each board member has been unwavering.

Publicly, I say thank-you to the current members of the board. But first we must regrettably say good-bye as well as a big thank-you to Dick Bruns, Vice-President, who graciously accepted the request to join our board to fill a one-year term that was vacated by a previous board member.

Mainly behind the scenes, he helped to support the activities associated with modifying the restaurant agreement. The time and energy required was probably more than he bargained for when he agreed to join the board, but without a complaint, he instrumentally helped us to complete the agreement we have today. Thank-you, Dick, we will miss you!

I will still have the pleasure of continuing to work with four board members. Joe Jansen, First Vice-President takes over when I'm not around, and is always there to unconditionally support. Ambidextrously, he's been both my right and left hand. Jim Kautz, Treasurer, does the one thing that makes my head spin, and that is, math. If I sound articulate when talking numbers, it's because he's made it easy, and with a sense of humor. Jeff Singsaas, Vice-President, is the quiet voice of reason. With razor sharp focus he can instantly bring calm to passionate topics.

Coming from Apple, my true appreciation of Microsoft has become recent through my collaboration with Jeff. Last but not least, there is Mary Ann Waldron, Secretary.

With both of us being elected last year, we have added the woman's perspective to the board. With refreshing honesty, and conviction for the concerns of the VOCA community, she continues to increase our process discipline with her keen eye for detail, and understanding of policy compliance.

I was taught early in my career that there is no "I" in team, but I am truly grateful that I get to be a part of this great team of board members.

Barb Gordon and Rob Schaefer,  VOCA's two new Board of Directors.

• Barb Gordon, 342 votes

• Rob Schaefer, 342 votes

• John G. Doom, 260 votes

• Jan P Lisowski, 175 votes

• Rick Comfort, 137 votes

• All 6 Measures passed.