Thu, May 23

Sharing its role in creation

Simplicity... when all is said and done the beauty around us is simply there like this rose bloom, sharing its little role in creation ... maybe it is a big role though in the calming of humans ... it is beautiful ... it is simple ... until you peer inside.

A long and wonderful day ... a lot of writing ... dinner with friends at the Hilton and the magical music of Anthony Mazzella. I have a standing reservation for twelve every Wednesday at 6:30P at the Hilton, so please come and join me. Reservation is in my name so just ask for the Grussing party and they'll bring you in. Everyone gets separate checks and the service like the food is very good. Last year Corky and I started this when she was on hospice and we had up to twenty join us ... usually around ten and it just feels right to do it again. Reminders every Monday morning :+) They let us order off the bar menu and a good cheeseburger with fries or salad only around $12.00.

More writing and gem cutting on tap today ... a walk or so ... a party late afternoon ... Game of Thrones in the evening.

Smile at someone you meet today (more than one person is okay ... don't stop there) and remember the beauty and this rose.



While yet we talk and linger late at parting,

And this say o'er each day as my last words,

Success will come by love and trust and work.

Max Ehrmann