Fri, May 24

Training for inner strength

We are all striving to stay fit. Our doctors insist we need to exercise to be healthy, and our bodies feel better when we do. This is why we keep up our fitness routines week in and week out.

However, something besides our bodies is getting stronger... In addition to more stamina, better balance and a leaner, more toned body, there is another benefit of keeping fit that is harder to see, because it's inside you.

Our workouts give us confidence.

Feeling better about ourselves gives us the power to change our lives. It changes how we approach daily problems, and how we are viewed by others.

Our confidence makes us stand taller, with our shoulders back and our faces more relaxed.

When you work hard to maintain your physical strength, your mental strength will follow. It's the very thing that drives you forward, reaching for more. Time and time again I have seen confidence grow in my clients..

Confidence is a state of being that spreads exponentially. It's a contagious gift that you bring to the world when you maintain your own fitness. The battle between frailty and strength is constantly churning in our lives, and that's only natural.

After all, our bodies age - it will happen to the best of us no matter what - but we can strive to slow down the process. When you make your body stronger and more stable, you feel the opposite of frail! You feel competent and confident. You can enjoy your life and all the activities you love without worry.

Kim Hollenback is the owner of Solid Rock Fitness: A private studio in the Village of Oak Creek that specializes in Fitness Over Fifty. For more information call 928-301-0209 or visit